When to visit Malaga, what is the best time to come to the Costa del Sol?

Planning your holiday in advance is essential and when you have the privilege of choosing when to visit Malaga. You have different options, all with their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find out what Malaga is like throughout the year, so you can decide what time of year is best to travel to the south of Spain and what the weather is like. At the end of the article we will try to help all of you who still have not decided when to come.

We will gradually expand the information in other articles, where we will recommend what to bring each month and the main activities that take place. Remember that the activities we recommend are not all of them, but just a sample.

Malaga in winter

Winter is coming! The popular phrase from the Game of Thrones saga encouraging people to protect themselves from winter is meaningless in Malaga. Visiting Malaga in winter has its advantages, one of them is that you will find much lower prices. From flights to accommodation and of course a cheaper car hire; the lower demand for services causes a drop in prices so you will save money.

Visiting Malaga in December, January and February

Winter weather records in Malaga are very mild in comparison even with other Spanish cities. In fact, when the rest of Europe freezes and lives wrapped in a blanket of snow, blizzard and Siberian cold, in Malaga and the Costa del Sol we can enjoy days on the beach with loose clothing and contemplate with gratitude the sun that protects us from frost.

Who flees from the cold and lands in Malaga find reasons to love the area, apart from the weather. Perhaps the first reason is that the warm temperature is accompanied by the warm welcome of the locals; cheerful, relaxed and very friendly, always attentive to the visitor and proud of their city.

christmas lighting in Botanical Garden
When having your own car you can easily get to the Botanical Garden in Christmas and enjoy the lighting.

The winter months in Malaga run from December to February; you have plenty of time to plan a visit during these months.

But is there anything to do in winter in Malaga? Of course, there are thousands of things to do and we will be detailing them in our blog. For starters you can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in Malaga; the light show on Calle Larios is considered the best in Europe, are you going to miss it? In addition, the Christmas markets offer all kinds of typical products and handicrafts.

There are many more events that you will be able to discover in our blog, so we invite you to follow us.

Winter events and activities

Winter is a special season in Malaga, from the light shows that begin in December to a weekend getaway to the Sierra Nevada for skiing.

  • Christmas lighting and street market in Malaga.
  • Lighting in Botanical Garden.
  • Christmas markets.
  • Three Kings parade on 5th January.

Malaga in Spring

Spring in Malaga lasts throughout the months of March, April, May and part of June. The temperature begins to vary drastically each month, rising considerably the closer we get to the summer months.

Visiting Malaga in March, April , May and June

After extensive rainfall the whole province is fully blooming and it is a great moment to experience the richness of this little paradise in all its beauty. In the cities along the coast there is a pleasant atmosphere, with many terraces in the inner city and the seafront promenade inviting to sit and enjoy the view.  We can find many people walking the streets, but they are not overcrowded and the temperatures are very pleasant.

The sun from now in advance will shine from a brilliant blue sky giving the tourists and locals the chance of sunbathing on the beach; some daredevils have also been observed while swimming.

And also here applies: Summer has its own charm, of course. However, those who prefer empty beaches and a relaxed atmosphere, come to the Costa del Sol best during the next few months before the peak travel time. The temperatures also meet during this time those of a summer in more northern climes.

Malaga city overview
Overview of Malaga in Spring from Alcazaba castle.

The first big advantage of spring in Malaga is that there are fewer crowds, which means cheaper prices and more peace and quiet. Spring is ideal for those who want to disconnect from their daily routine.

Spring is perfect to discover the interior of the province; if you have rented a car with us you have total freedom of movement, we encourage you to discover every day some unique corner of our geography and taste some typical dish of the region.

Going by car to Ronda, visiting the Malaga Mountains in full bloom, taking part in some of the events that take place such as the Almond Blossom in Guaro and hiking or canoeing are just some of the things you can do in spring.

Spring activities and events

  • International Peoples’ Fair in Fuengirola between April and May.
  • Concerts and festivals at the Sohail Castle in Fuengirola.
  • San Isidro festivity on 16th May in Estepona.
  • White Night.

Malaga in summer

The summer includes part of June, July, August and part of September; ideal for those who love the beach, water sports and, of course, the nightlife. Visiting Malaga in summer is an unforgettable experience; both for the atmosphere that can be breathed almost anywhere on the Costa del Sol, as well as for the pleasant temperature that makes it possible to stroll along the seashore at night.

Visiting Malaga in July and August

July and August are usually very hot, sometimes blows in these months a hairdryer-like wind. Tourists who don´t tolerate heat, could come to the city in the months between March and May or in September / October: During these months reign in Malaga pleasant but not hot temperatures. June and September are suitable months for a beach holiday without too much heat.

If you love beach you can’t miss the opportunity to experience Malaga in summer. There is an option for everyone, those who want to dive into the crowds can do so at almost any time of the day or night; those who prefer a little more tranquillity can always choose to stay a little further away from the airport, such as Cancelada in Estepona.

During the summer, public transport tends to fill up quite easily, so it is advisable to hire a car. We recommend that you make your plans well in advance, as the higher demand for cars not only makes prices more expensive, but there may not be any availability. And here’s a secret, you can book from our website without providing any bank details, with free cancellation, so you can book as soon as you have your flight ticket.

Summer activities and events

  • Malaga Fair in mid-August.
  • Concerts and festivals in Fuengirola.
  • Moors and Christians Festival in Benalauria.
  • Antequera Fair.
  • Festival of the 3 Cultures in Frigiliana.

Malaga in autumn

Autumn is the favourite season for many visitors to Malaga. The months of September, October and November are calm and not at all cold, plus there are many fairs and festivals so you won’t be short of activities.

Visiting Ronda in Autumn
Ronda viewpoint in Autumn.

Visiting Malaga in September, October and November

The advantage of autumn is that the weather is still pleasant enough to do almost anything you want. The sun is not as strong as in summer, but it is still with you and will allow you to do a multitude of activities.

If you come at the end of October you can join the celebration of Halloween; in Malaga many places participate during this day to offer the visitor a unique experience. From a visit to Muelle Uno with a costume contest and street market to a night walk through a cemetery or through the beautiful Botanical Garden of Malaga.

Events and fairs in autumn

Among the main activities taking place in autumn are the following:

  • Luna Mora de Guaro in mid-September.
  • Torremolinos Fair.
  • Fuengirola Fair.
  • Halloween 31 October and 1 November.
  • Christmas lights in Calle Larios at the end of November.

When to visit Malaga, what is the best time to visit

beach in Malaga
Spring and Autumn are ideal for those who enjoy quiet beaches.

After coming this far many may still be wondering when it is best to visit Malaga. I´m afraid we really can’t tell you when it’s best to come. Each season has its advantages, so it’s going to be a personal decision.

It is worth asking ourselves what we are looking for during our holidays; do we want to discover places and enjoy typical food, do active sports or go skiing? Do you prefer to spend the day at the beach to disconnect from work and routine? Everyone has their own tastes, so the answer to the question of when it is best to visit Malaga is up to you.

If your favourite activity is visiting the typical white villages and trying new typical food every day, then any month might be good for you.

If you enjoy the beach and feel like a fish into the water, then July or August will be your best bet; those months also applies for those who love the nightlife.

Choose the best month depending on what you like

Want to practice golf or skiing in Sierra Nevada? The skiing season is until April, so choosing Spring might be a good decisition to avoid colder temperatures and excesive hot when looking forward practicing any kind of sport. For golf Autumn might be a smart choice also, the temperature still good and the weather is excellent for this sport.

And you, when do you prefer to visit Malaga?

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