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There are consulates in Malaga from numerous countries. Consulates provide useful services for foreigners in Spain, including passport renewal and information.

Opening time

Consulate hours are usually from 9 or 10am to 2pm Mondays to Fridays.

Consulates close on public holidays, both Spanish and those of their home country.

The list below are all the consulates in Malaga in 2022, however they may change. We will try to keep this list updated, but if we miss any change to phone number or address, please contact us.

Malaga consulates

Austria Consulate

Albanian Consulate

Belgium consulate

Brazil consulate

Canada consulate

Chile consulate

Costa Rica consulate

Denmark consulate

Finland consulate

France consulate

Germany consulate

Iceland consulate

Ireland consulate

Monaco consulate

Netherlands consulate

Norway consulate

Paraguay consulate

Portugal consulate

Saudi Arabia consulate

Slovakia consulate

This is the only consulate in Andalucia.

Sweden consulate

U.K. consulate

Ukraine consulate

USA consulate