Is a small town with a population of just over one thousand inhabitants (figure which increases incredibly during the summer) which is situated in the Valle del Genal. The name is derived from Al- Atusiyin, term related with the berber group of the Banusatus.

Its streets are steep, narrow and winding, and in them we can find noteworthy buildings: the principal one amongst them all being the Parish Church of “Ntra. Sra. Del Rosario”, built in the Sixteenth Century. Tradition has it that it was built on what used to be the Palace of Algatoisa, daughter of a Muslim King. Furthermore, also worth mentioning are its Shrine of “El Santo Cristo”, in the upper part of town, and its numerous Eighteenth Century houses with its gateway facades. The two Patron Saints of the town: “San Francisco de Asís” and “Ntra. Sra. Del Rosario” celebrate their feasts on the 4th and 7th of October.

As far as its gastronomy is concerned, it is obliged to note the goat stew, the cod pancakes, the country vegetable soup, the Roman bread and the rabbit cooked in its own sauce.