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Algatocin is a charming town located in the Genal Valley, in the province of Málaga, Andalusia.The Serranía de Ronda region includes Algatocín as one of its towns. The Berber peoples who founded the town left a picturesque urban structure. The town adapts to the steep terrain in a staggered manner, creating white volumes against the green of chestnuts, oaks, and cork oaks.

As an unmistakable identity signal, the Parish Church of Our Lady of the Rosary rises above the white town, crowned by a bright cap of blue mosaics. Algatocín is a perfect destination for travelers looking for a unique and authentic experience in Andalusia.

History of Algatocin

The first evidence of human settlement in the lands of the current municipality of Algatocin dates back to the Bronze Age (II millennium BC) according to ceramic remains found in Cerro Gordo. During the Roman domination, important archaeological remains were also found in Cerro Gordo, which belonged to this period.

However, the origin of the town must be placed in relation to the Arab presence in the territory. Its name seems to come from the Berber tribe of the Benu-Atus, Al-Atuiyin; although, according to legend, it is linked to that of the daughter of the second Muslim king of Ronda Algotisa, who chose this place to build her palace.

In 1485 this territory passed into Christian hands. Algatocín had a population of 26 neighbors, which would be equivalent to about 180 inhabitants. In 1492 the Mudéjares were punished in Algatocín. On May 13, 1498 it became part of the Lordship of Gaucín, whose first holder was Don Juan de Guzmán, Duke of Medina Sidonia, in gratitude for the services rendered during the Reconquest.

In 1501 the Mudéjares were defeated after the Sierra Bermeja Rebellion. Their expulsion, in cases of non-conversion, caused a slight decrease in the population of Algatocín and the disappearance of Benamahabú. In 1505 parishes were created.

During the 18th century Algatocín appears in the Ensenada Cadastre and among the data collected is the fact that it belonged, together with Benarrabá, Gaucín, Benamaya and Benamahabú, to the lordship of the Duke of Medina Sidonia.

Places to Visit

Its streets are steep, narrow and winding, and in them we can find noteworthy buildings such as the Parish Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, which rises above the white town and is crowned by a bright cap of blue mosaics.

As you walk through its streets, you will discover the town’s rich history and heritage. In addition to its historical and cultural attractions, Algatocín is also an ideal place for nature lovers. The town is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes such as chestnut forests, oak groves and cork oak forests.

Some of the most important places to visit in Algatocín are:

  • The Parish Church of Our Lady of the Rosary (Map)
  • Cerrogordo hiking path (Map)
  • The Genal Valley (Map)
  • Genal Viewpoint (Map)
  • Calvario Hermitage viewpoint (Map)

Hiking in Algatocín

One of the main outdoor activities in Algatocín is hiking. There are many trails to choose from, each offering stunning views and unique experiences.

  • Los valles del Guadiaro y del Genal: This trail takes you through both valleys and includes visits to several villages in the area. It’s a long trail, so it’s recommended to split it into two days with an overnight stay in one of the villages along the way.
  • Pasarelas del Río Genal: This trail follows the stage 27 of La Gran Senda de Málaga (GR 249) that connects the municipalities of Benalauría and Genalguacil, and stage 4 of La Gran Senda Serranía de Ronda (GR 141) between Benarrabá and Benalauria.
  • Circular Algatocín-Benalauría-Benadalid-Algatocín: This circular route takes you through several villages and along forest paths, roads, and trails. The trail offers plenty of shade and passes through forests of chestnuts, cherry trees, and oaks.

These are just a few examples of the many hiking trails available in Algatocín. Whether you’re looking for a challenging hike or a leisurely stroll, there’s something for everyone.

Festivals and Cultural Events

Algatocin is a town with a rich cultural heritage and a lively calendar of festivals and events. Throughout the year, locals and visitors can enjoy a variety of celebrations that showcase the town’s traditions and customs.

Fiesta de la Hinojá

One of the most popular events is the “Fiesta de la Hinojá”, which takes place on the last weekend of March. During this gastronomic and cultural festival, locals cook the traditional potaje following recipes passed down from generation to generation and offer free tastings. At the same time, live cooking workshops, cultural events, musical performances, guided tours of the town, workshops for children and a large verbena are held on Saturday night.

San Juan

Another popular event is the celebration of San Juan on June 24th. On this day, the town of Algatocín celebrates by distributing sangria to all attendees. This is done by all the Juans and Juanas of the town, as it is their day and they share it with all the inhabitants and visitors.


The gastronomy of Algatocín, like the rest of the towns in the Genal Valley, is based on a long tradition that has combined local products with seasonal dietary habits. Among the most outstanding dishes are goat stews, fennel cuisine, rabbit in sauce, Iberian pork derivatives and Roman bread. There is also a wide variety of soups such as country gazpacho, fresh gazpacho or cooked soups.

Algatocín also has several restaurants where you can taste its delicious cuisine. Some of the most popular restaurants are:

How to Get to Algatocin

Algatocin is located in the province of Málaga, Andalusia. There are several ways to get to Algatocín from the Málaga airport, including by bus, taxi or car. However, the easiest and most convenient way to get to Algatocín is by car.

Here are the directions to get to Algatocín from the Malaga airport by car:

  1. Head southeast on Av. del Comandante García Morato
  2. Take the ramp to N-348/Av. de Velázquez
  3. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto N-348/Av. de Velázquez
  4. Take the ramp onto E-15/A-7
  5. Take exit 172 toward A-397/Ronda/San Pedro de Alcántara
  6. Continue onto A-397
  7. Turn right onto A-369
  8. Turn left onto MA-8301
  9. Turn right onto Calle Fuente/MA-8301
  10. Turn left onto Calle Fuente/MA-8301. Destination will be on the right.

The journey takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

There are several options for getting to Algatocín from Málaga airport by car. One option is to take the A-357 and then the A-367 towards Ronda. From there, you can take the A-369 to Algatocín. This route will take you through beautiful mountain scenery and allow you to enjoy panoramic views of the Serranía de Ronda.

Another option is to take the AP-7 towards Marbella and then the A-397 towards Ronda. From there, you can take the A-369 to Algatocín. This route will take you along the coast and allow you to enjoy views of the Mediterranean Sea and picturesque coastal towns.

Both options are very scenic and will allow you to enjoy the beautiful Andalusian landscape on your way to Algat