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Situated on the extreme northwest of La Axarquía, is a town of 1.450 inhabitants, surrounded by rural elevations and connected to the outside by the natural pathways of the mountain paths of “Puerto de los Alhazores” (1.040 m.) and of “Puerto del Sol” (1.100 m.). The stream of “Palancar” divides the town into two halves, connected by three bridges.

Concerning its origins, prehistoric remains have been found in the streams of Palancar and Morales, although the first written reference dates from the Tenth Century, when it is mentioned as a great flour producing farm (hence its name, derived from the Arabic word Al- farnat, meaning Flour Mill). It is not until the Christian era (towards the end of the Fifteenth Century), when the settlement is consolidated, leading to the repopulation of these lands by colonists from other parts of the region. Towards the end of the Nineteenth Century, like many other Andalucian, mountain towns, it served as refuge for bandits, who found in the place an area of natural pathways between Málaga and Granada.

As most noteworthy places of interest to visit, one must highlight the Shrine of “La Virgen de Monsalud”, which dates from the Sixteenth Century, the Church of “Santa Ana”, the archaeological sites (“Las Terrazas de los arroyos Palancar y Morales”, “el Puerto de los Azores” and “El Cerro del Castillejo”) and the country inn of Alfarnate, built in 1690 and amongst whose tenants hailed many famous personalities such as King Alfonso XIII, Jose María “El Tempranillo” and Luis Candelas.

The principal festivities are celebrated in honour of its Patron Saint, “La Virgen de Monsalud”, and take place at the beginning of September. Definitely a good time to sample the convincing stews, “ollas” and “potajes”, “las migas”, “los morretes de setas” and the traditional “huevos a lo bestia”, which are served at the old country inn of Alfarnate, a filling dish with which one challenges one’s fellow diner: he who can manage to tuck into three consecutive portions will get lunch free of charge! “Los roscos carreros”, “los hornazos” and the brandy liqueur complete its varied gastronomical offer.