Villanueva de Algaidas

A town with a population of 4.500, it is situated in the interior of the Province of Málaga, at a distance of 30 kilometres from Antequera.

Although the town’s origins are very recent (19th Century), prehistoric remains found in the caves of “El Pedroso” inform us of human settlements from ancient times. It is highly recommendable to take a good walk around the outskirts of the town if we wish to admire its interesting historical heritage: the convent of “Los Recoletos de San Francisco de Asís” (1566), the bridge of “El Arroyo del Bebedero”, belonging to the late medieval era and the rock, Mozarabic church, dating from between the Ninth and Tenth Centuries. What’s more, Villanueva de Algaidas is the birthplace of the famous sculptor Berrocal, presently residing in Verona (Italy) and whose works can be visited at the “Exposición Berrocal” which, in the near future, will become the Museum Berrocal.

Its´ most important festivities coincide with Saint Marco´s Day, on the 25ht of April. Around the 15th of May, they celebrate “la Romería de San Isidro”, on the 25th of July the Feast of Santiago the apostle and on the 8th of September, the festivities in honour of “La Virgen del Socorro”.

Apart from producing one of the virgin olive oils of greatest quality and prestige in the whole of Andalucía (prize-winning and internationally acclaimed), there are a lot of cosy corners to sample the varied local cuisine, in which the delicious carnival stuffing (relleno de carnaval), “salmorejo” and its aromatic and delicious desserts like “piñonate”, “roscos de vino” and “tortas de aceite” exceedingly stand out.