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Villanueva de Algaidas

Villanueva de Algaidas, a charming Andalusian village nestled in the heart of Spain’s Malaga province, offers a rich history that is surprisingly rooted in prehistoric times, despite its relatively recent establishment in the 19th century. This picturesque town is a delightful blend of ancient heritage and natural beauty. In this article, we will delve into the town’s historical origins, explore its significant historical landmarks, and guide you through the must-visit places and natural wonders that make Villanueva de Algaidas a hidden gem. Additionally, we’ll highlight the lively fairs and events that add festivity to the local culture.


The origins of the name of the charming town of Villanueva de Algaidas are steeped in history and etymology. It derives from an Arabic word that signifies “forest.” Interestingly, this term has different interpretations among scholars. For some, it conveys the idea of dense, thick vegetation, while for others, it represents a lush or cheerful forest. Translated accurately, it would be “Villanueva of the Forests.”

The history of Villanueva de Algaidas finds its roots in the establishment of the Convent of Our Lady of Consolation of the Algaidas (Map).  In the vicinity of the convent, small settlements began to emerge, including Albaicín, Atalaya, Barranco del Agua, Rincona, Parrilla, and Zamarra. These would later evolve into the municipality of Villanueva de Algaidas, officially separating from the municipality of Archidona on August 26, 1843.

The town’s urban center is nestled beside the Villeta hill, and the landscape is predominantly characterized by gentle terrain with rolling hills and small elevations. To the south of the municipality lie two notable mountain ranges: the Sierra de Arcas and the Sierra de Pedroso. The majority of the municipality’s land is ideal for olive cultivation, with approximately 81.7% of the total land dedicated to this cherished crop.


If you’re planning to visit Villanueva de Algaidas, you might be interested in learning about some of its tourist attractions. Keep reading to discover some of the places we recommend visiting, along with activities, so you can have an unforgettable day in this Malaga town.

  • San Mateo Church: A symbol of the town’s historical depth. (Map)
  • The Convent of Our Lady of Consolation: This convent was abandonment after the Spanish Civil War. Known as the Convent of Our Lady of Consolation, it was founded in 1566. (Map)
  • Arroyo del Bebedero Bridge: A relic from the late medieval era. (Map)
  • Mozarabic Church: A living testament dating from the Ninth to Tenth Centuries. (Map)
  • Birthplace of the sculptor Berrocal: Villanueva de Algaidas takes pride in being the birthplace of the renowned sculptor Berrocal, whose works can be appreciated at the “Berrocal Exhibition,” which will soon become the Berrocal Museum.
  • Constitution Square: This charming square is the heart of the town, surrounded by quaint cafes and shops. It’s an ideal starting point for your exploration.
  • Rueda Mansion: A beautifully preserved mansion, this historic building offers insights into the town’s aristocratic past.

Medieval Bridge in Villanueva de Algaidas

Nature sights

  • Paraje Natural Fuente de Piedra: A short drive from Villanueva de Algaidas, this natural reserve is home to a stunning saltwater lagoon, attracting numerous bird species, including flamingos.
  • Sierra de Chimenea: Explore the beautiful countryside and hiking trails in the nearby Sierra de Chimenea for a taste of the region’s natural beauty.

Fairs and festivities

Villanueva de Algaidas comes alive with various festivities:

  • Saint Marco’s Day: Celebrated on the 25th of April.
  • Romería de San Isidro: Celebrated around the 15th of May.
  • Feast of Santiago the Apostle: Held on the 25th of July.
  • Festivities in Honor of “La Virgen del Socorro”: Taking place on the 8th of September.


Alongside its captivating history and vibrant cultural traditions, Villanueva de Algaidas is renowned for its culinary delights. This charming town is celebrated for producing exceptional extra virgin olive oil, acclaimed not only locally but also on the international stage. However, the gastronomic journey in Villanueva de Algaidas extends far beyond olive oil.

When you visit, be sure to indulge in the local cuisine. One standout dish is the delectable “carnival stuffing” (relleno de carnaval), a mouthwatering creation that reflects the festive spirit of the town. It’s a dish that tantalizes the taste buds and is a must-try for anyone exploring the area.

For a refreshing culinary experience, don’t miss out on “salmorejo,” a creamy tomato and bread-based soup that is both cooling and bursting with flavor, making it the ideal choice on a warm Spanish day.

When it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth, Villanueva de Algaidas has a delightful array of traditional desserts to offer. “Piñonate” is a nutty and honey-infused treat that provides the perfect balance of sweetness and crunch. “Roscos de vino,” or wine doughnuts, offer a unique twist on the classic dessert, with a hint of wine enhancing their flavor. Lastly, “tortas de aceite” are delicate, sweet, and lightly crispy pastries that round out a delightful meal.

How to get

To reach Villanueva de Algaidas from Malaga Airport, follow these directions:

  1. Begin your journey at Malaga Airport – Costa del Sol (AGP), located on Av. del Comandante García Morato, s/n, 29004, Málaga.
  2. Head in a northwesterly direction for 140 meters.
  3. Continue on Autovía de Circunvalación de Málaga and A-45. Take exit 86 from A-45. This will take approximately 43 minutes, covering a distance of 69.4 kilometers.
  4. Follow MA-6414 until you reach A-7201 in Villanueva de Algaidas.