Situated little more than seventy kilometres form the capital, Humilladero lies within the depression of Antequera. With a population of 2.700 inhabitants, it’s economy is based principally on the cultivation of dry fruit, especially the olive grove.

Although some sources affirm the fact that the foundation of the town dates back to the Fifteenth Century, more reliable information is found in the inscription which forms the basis of “La Cruz del Humilladero”, situated in the town’s entrance and whose origins date back to 1618. Historians seems to agree that that its name comes from the oath of the Infante Don Fernando, who humbled himself before the sword of San Fernando which bore Per Afán de Ribera, swearing not to put it away until the conquest of Antequera. A cross marks the place where don Fernando received the said sword.

Apart from “La Cruz del Humilladero”, it is worthwhile visiting the parish church and the shrine of the Apostole Santiago in the district of “Los Carvajales”.

The town’s festive calendar commences with the celebration of the carnival. Later, in the month of June, the Fair of “San Juan” takes place and one month later they celebrate an emotional tribute to all those who had to leave these parts. Lastly, in October, the traditional “Romería” in honour of “Nuestra Señora del Rocío”.

For the lovers of gastronomy, nothing better than the local products: hard pork sausages, “morcillas”, salami, all of which is home- produced, in addition to the tasty olive oil produced by the town’s agricultural co-operatives.