Cuevas Bajas

Is situated in the northern limits of the administrative region of Antequera, at 72 kilometres from Málaga. It is a place of great archaeological and historical interest and in its municipal district is located the Cave of Belda, in which hunting implements from the Paleolithic Era have been found and it is the most important necropolis of artificial caves in the whole of Spain. Furthermore, the itinerary of Antonino (2 B.C.) picks up the existence of one of the roads of the Roman Empire. And more recently, it is the interesting church of “San Juan”, dating from the eighteenth century.

Its population has oscillated since the distribution of land made at the end of the fifteenth century in the territories of Cuevas Bajas and Cuevas Altas, going from the 1.300 inhabitants in the nineteenth century, to the 2.500 at the beginning of the twentieth century ,until reaching its present population of 1.500.

Its local festivities are celebrated in honour of “San Juan” on the 24th and 25th June and the traditional summer fair takes place in the middle of August.

The gastronomy of Cuevas Bajas is the typical cuisine of the extensive region of Antequera, revolving around “la porra fría”, to which we add typical dishes like must or grape- juice pap, “las migas” and the traditional and extensive recipes of stews (pucheros y potajes).