Has a population of 3.000 inhabitants and its steep streets, divides the town into two zones: the old part, situated amongst strong elevations, and the new town centre which extends towards the east, near the main road. Set deep within its municipal district is the spa of “Fuente Amargosa”, found in 1867 and situated on the main peridote massif in the world. Its waters, with a high mineral content, have a radical effect on health, which makes it into a truly, natural sanatorium. Neolithic remains have been found in “La Cueva de la Tinaja”, even though the present settlement of the town seems to be of Phoenician origin. It is also worth mentioning the passing of the Romans through the area and, of course, the Arabs, who converted Tolox into a great fortress occupied by Omar ben Hafsum, and which gave the town centre its structure, apart from building numerous irrigation channels for crop irrigation.

The most famous monument in Tolox, apart from the above- mentioned spa, is the Parish Church of San Miguel Arcángel, built in the Sixteenth Century.

From the 14th to the 17th of August the Fair of Tolox, in honour of its Patron Saint, San Roque, takes place; Its is famous for “La Coheta”, procession in which over 5.000 dozen fireworks are lit up.
“La sopa tolita con bolo” (of tomatoes in summer and of asparagus in winter) and “el pan de higo pintao” are two of the town´s best known and tastied dishes.