Sierra de Yeguas

“La Sierra de los Caballos”, standing at just a little over seven hundred metres above sea- level, stands between the northern area of Antequera and the Sevillian countryside. On this bordering landscape stands the town of Sierra de Yeguas, with a population of 3.300 and at a distance of 95 km. from the capital of Málaga. Its interesting agricultural landscape has served as a special protection on behalf of the Province of Málaga´s physical environment protection scheme.

It’s first recognised inhabitants date from the Neolithic era and since then, there have been numerous relics found belonging to ancient civilizations, highlighting the Roman Thermal Baths and Roman Necropolis. Other significant places, although more recently built, are the parish church of the Sixteenth Century and the outstanding town centre itself.

As far as important festivities are concerned, one has to point out the “Carnaval”, traditionally celebrated on the third week of February, “La Romería de San Isidro” on the 15th of May, the main festivities, in honour of “San Bartolomé” are celebrated from the 24th to the 26th of August and the Procession of the 8ht of December in honour of “La Inmaculada”. However, amongst all the festivities, it is the Holy Week with the collective hymns of Good Friday, the proclamation of “Jesús Nazareno” and the forelock touching of “La Virgen”, which stands out.

Roasted pepper salad, “porra andaluza”, “gazpacho” and “migas” are the essential dishes that no- one should miss out on. Recommended meat dishes are partridge and rabbit and, in autumn, a fortifying mushroom stew. The excellent confectionery like “brazo de gitano”, “magdalenas” and “suspiros artesanos” is in abundance.