With a population of 4.500, the town of Teba is situated in the administrative district of Guadaltega, at about 90 kilometres from the capital.

Although recent archaeological findings prove the existence of prehistoric settlements in key places of the Teban topography, like the cave of “Las Palomas” or the settlements of “Los Castillejos”, the birth of the town of Teba is directly related with the Roman occupation, of which remains “El Cortijo del Tendedero”. However, it is not until the era of the Muslim occupation that the town is moved to where it is presently situated, taking the name of Itaba, from which its actual name is derived.

In Teba, one can admire one of the most notable examples of popular Andalucian architecture. From the hill where its castle is situated, one can observe the whole of the town centre, declared as a historical artistic collection. The parish church of “La Santísima Cruz”, built in the Eighteenth Century, and the castle of “La Estrella” stand out as the most exceptional buildings. Apart from the fact that the natural surroundings in which the town is situated is of an admirable, scenic beauty.

On the first week of October, Teba celebrates its fair in honour of “La Virgen del Rosario”, the town’s Patron Saint. Other festivities of interest include “la Romería de San Isidro” in the month of May, the festivity of “La Virgen del Carmen” on the 16th July and the summer fair in August.

“La porra tebeña” is one of the great protagonists of the place’s cuisine. Furthermore, it is recommendable to sample “el cordero a lo pastoral” and those dishes which make use of mountain esparragus and goat cheese amongst its ingredients, all of them washed down with a good local wine.