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Alhaurin de la Torre

At a distance of only 17 kilometres from the Málaga capital and with a population of 25.000 inhabitants, it is a town in which the more recently constructed areas coexist in perfect harmony with the Arabic appearance of narrows streetlets and white- washed houses of the Barrio Viejo. Due its climate of mild winters and warm summers, its agricultural production is significant, especially the citric and, the sub- tropical fruits, like the avocado pear and the custard apple.

The town relies heavily on the nearby quarry industry, which, although provides a vital source of direct and indirect income, provokes substantial noise and dust pollution in the area. Most residents are in favour of closing the quarries and in the last municipal elections all political parties pledged to carry out the closure. In January 2004, however after a prolonged quarry strike an agreement was reached under which the quarries are allowed to continue their activity for several more decades.


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Alhaurín de la Torre is situated south-west of Malaga and at the east end of the mijas Sierra and is one of the nearest towns to the capital, making it popular for commuter homes. The surrounding countryside is attractive, mainly mountains and farmland. The town is linear with the focal point being the town hall in the centre. Where there are several attractive traditional village streets.


The archaeological sites found in Alhaurín are numerous, being the most relevant the ones found in the station of “La Alquería”, classified as “Bien del Interés Cultural”. However, in order to learn about the origins of this town, one has to go back to before the times of the Romans, being the Phoenicians around 1.000 B.C. who build factories in Málaga and Cártama, and give it the name of Lauro. Centuries later, the Roman settlers called it Lauro Vetus, the present name is given to it by los Reyes Católicos as a result of the reconquest of 1485.


As monuments of special interest, one can highlight the Church of San Sebastián, built in 1505, the arches of Zapata, ancient aqueduct of “La Fuente del Rey”, originating from the Eighteenth Century.


The first celebration of the year, in honour of San Sebastián, takes place on the 20th of January. On the 2nd of February, the day of the purification of “La Santísima Virgen de la Candelaria” is celebrated and towards the end of June, are the main festivities of San Juan Bautista, Patron Saint of summer. The weekend prior to the festivity of San Juan, the flamenco enthusiasts have a date at the festival “Torre del Cante”, of great prestige and deeprooted in Andalucia.


Its traditional cuisine is made up of rice and chestnuts, “la sopa cachorreña”, “las gachas” and the boiled soup, dishes all made from local products.

Useful Information

Local Holidays 20th January when the town’s patron saint is honoured and festivities last three days and 2nd February.
Distance from Malaga Airport:8km
Town Hall: 952-418-150
Local Police: 952-417-152
It has a good range of services available including a health centre, several chemists, schools a municipal sports centre and shops where you can buy most things and several supermarkets. Alhaurín de la Torre has an active cultural scene.


Alhaurín de la Torre is one of the cheaper places to buy property on the Costa del Sol at the moment, although prices are rising in response to demand from committers looking for property in this town, which serves as a dormitory town for the capital. New construction in urbanisations outside the town is intense at the moment, particularly in the area to the south of the town in the urbanisation of Retamar and Lagar.