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Situated on the western extreme of La Hoya de Málaga, at the head of the valleys of El Arroyo de Casarabonela and El Arroyo de las Casas. With a population of 2.600 inhabitants its town centre presents a structure of clear Arabic origin and the road network of the historical centre is made up of narrow, winding and steep streets.

Human presence in the place has been confirmed since prehistoric times, but it is during the Roman era when it is possible to detect an important level of occupation. During Arabic which the present one is derived: Qasr Bunayra, being these the years of major splendour and strategic importance due to the particular location of its castle.

From the time when if finally falls into Christian hands in June 1485, town life is organised until it achieves to segregate itself from Carratraca in 1836.

Important monuments in Carratraca are the Castle from the Ninth Century; The Parish Church of Santiago Apostol, from the Sixteenth Century and the Shrine of La Veracruz, from the Eighteenth Century.

As far as its festivities are concerned, two important dates stand out: the romerí in honour of la Virgen del Rosario, on the 7th of October; and the fair of Santiago Apostol, which is celebrated on the last weekend in July.

The dish of Casarabolena par excellence is la sopa perota. It is made in a frying pan onto which one adds tomatoes and chopped peppers to which, ones fried, water is added until it boils to be retrieved from the oven and mixed breadcrumbs.