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Coin, nestled north of Mijas and Alhaurín el Grande in the Pereilas river valley, has earned the charming moniker of the “town of the fountains” due to its abundant spring water. The town’s water supply, serving both Coín and its neighboring districts, converges in a recreational area featuring an artificial lake. The scenic beauty is particularly notable, with the valley surrounding the Alaminos river source.

Dominated by its main church and square, Coín presents a bustling and expansive urban landscape. Recent efforts to alleviate traffic congestion have converted the central area into a one-way system, though this improvement necessitates longer detours for entry and exit. While access roads can be congested, the completion of the A-366 access road has alleviated a persistent bottleneck.

With a population of around 20,000 inhabitants, Coín boasts a significant agricultural sector, specializing in citrus fruit. Additionally, construction plays a crucial role, contributing substantially to the town’s income and employment. The town’s environment is characterized by vast expanses of cork and pine trees, gracefully leaning over the Guadalhorce valley.

Coin History

Originally named Castro Dacuan by the Romans, it is believed that the Arabs later adopted the name Cohine. Throughout the centuries of Muslim occupation, Coin grew to become the most significant urban centre in the region.

However, the town’s prosperity was short-lived. Following its reconquest by Christian troops, Coin was completely destroyed. Despite this setback, the town experienced a resurgence due to the repopulation efforts ordered by the Castilian Monarchs.

Unfortunately, disaster struck again in 1810 when a severe storm caused extensive damage to the town centre. Despite these challenges, Coin continued to persevere and rebuild.

In recognition of its resilience, Coin was granted the title of City during the reign of King Alfonso XIII. Today, the town stands as a testament to its rich history and the enduring spirit of its inhabitants.


Within its town centre, there are various public fountains. Furthermore, a visit to its churches is very interesting: the Church of Santa María de la Encarnación from the Fifteenth Century; the Church of San Juan, from the Sixteenth Century; and the old hospital of La Caridad, from the Eighteenth century, which is joined back to back with the Church of San Andrés.

San Juan Bautista Church, Coín

Exploring Nature: Barranco Blanco Trail

Sierra de las Nieves
View of Sierra de las Nieves from the town of Coín

Dive into nature’s embrace with the Barranco Blanco Trail, a captivating hiking experience. This scenic path winds through Coín’s picturesque surroundings, providing a perfect escape for outdoor enthusiasts. Traverse the trail’s twists and turns, surrounded by the lush beauty of the Pereilas river valley. As you walk, immerse yourself in the natural wonders that earned Coín its moniker, the “town of the fountains.”


Retail Therapy: La Trocha Shopping Centre

Indulge your shopping desires at La Trocha Centro Comercial, Coín’s beloved shopping destination. This bustling center caters to diverse tastes, offering a plethora of shops and boutiques. From trendy fashion to unique local finds, La Trocha promises a delightful retail experience. Stroll through its vibrant corridors, discovering treasures that reflect the town’s rich cultural tapestry.


Equestrian Adventures: Ride With Me, Ride In Spain

Saddle up for a memorable experience with “Ride With Me, Ride In Spain.” This equestrian adventure takes you on captivating tours through Coín’s enchanting landscapes. Feel the exhilaration of horseback riding as you explore the town’s outskirts, guided by experienced professionals. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced rider, this activity promises a unique perspective on Coín’s natural beauty.


Cultural Immersion: Las Vistillas and Mercado de Nuestra Tierra

Delve into Coín’s cultural heart at Las Vistillas, a haven for traditional ceramics and ethnographic wonders. Explore the craftsmanship of local artisans and uncover the town’s rich heritage. Transition to the Mercado de Nuestra Tierra, where the vibrant colors of the farmer’s market beckon. Engage your senses with the aroma of fresh produce and the lively atmosphere, connecting with Coín’s agricultural roots.


Relaxation Oasis: Thermae SPA & Relaxing Experience

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation at Thermae SPA & Relaxing Experience. This tranquil haven invites you to immerse yourself in the luxury of Roman baths and soothing spa treatments. Rejuvenate your senses, letting the cares of the world melt away in this serene retreat.


Local Hangouts: La Hortelana, Molly Malone’s Irish Pub, and Bar la Taberna

Discover unique gifts and specialties at La Hortelana, a charming cheese store that adds a local touch to your Coín experience. Transition to the lively atmosphere of any of the local bars. Enjoy the convivial ambiance, where laughter and good company create lasting memories.

Cheese store:

Scenic Marvels: San Agustín Park

Take a leisurely stroll through San Agustín Park, a green oasis with a unique history, occupying the site of the former Convento de San Sebastián. Revel in the park’s tranquility, surrounded by nature and echoes of the past.

San Agustin Park:


One of the most anticipated celebrations in Coín is the Day of La Cruz, taking place in May. This festival, known as the ‘Festival of the May Crosses,’ sees the town adorned with crosses and altars, creating a colourful and festive atmosphere.

Following the Festival of the May Crosses, the town welcomes spring with its Spring Festival. This event is a wonderful opportunity for both locals and visitors to enjoy the pleasant weather and participate in various activities celebrating the season.

In August, Coín hosts a traditional fair dating back to the 18th century. This fair, known as the ‘August Fair,’ is a grand event spanning from the 10th to the 14th of the month. It’s a time of joy and celebration, featuring music, dance, and various activities that bring the community together.


Coín’s gastronomy is a delightful exploration of traditional Spanish cuisine. The town is renowned for hearty and delicious dishes such as ‘las sopas cachoreñas,’ a type of soup, various stews, and ‘el cocido’ prepared in different forms. Fried food, locally known as ‘los fritos,’ is also a popular choice among the locals. Other traditional dishes include ‘el mojete’ and ‘el gazpachuelo,’ offering an authentic Spanish flavour.

Whether you’re a fan of cultural festivities or a food enthusiast, Coín offers a rich and diverse experience that leaves a lasting impression. It’s a town where tradition is celebrated, and local cuisine is savoured, making it a must-visit destination in the heart of Andalusia.

Useful Information

Local Holidays 3rd May, festival de las Cruces de mayo and the August fair from 10th to 14th.
Distance from Malaga Airport: 38km.
Town Hall: 952-453-018
Local Police: 952-453-267ç

The services are generally good, although there’s limited choice for shopping in the centre. Coín has a health centre, chemists, primary and secondary schools, and sports facilities. There’s also a good choice of restaurants and bars in the town and surrounding area.

How to get

To reach Coín from the city of Málaga, take the A-357 towards Campillos. Exit at junction 48 and follow the A-355 towards Marbella. Additionally, Coín has an entrance from the N-340 between Torremolinos and Málaga’s capital. Take the A-7 and then the A-7052 towards Churriana, connecting with the A-357.

From the Mediterranean Motorway

The A-7 provides convenient access to Coín from various points. From Marbella, take the A-355, and from Fuengirola, Mijas Costa, and Benalmadena, use the A-7053 and continue on the MA-3303.

From the Interior of Andalusia

Excellent access from the interior of Andalusia. From Córdoba and Antequera, take the A-45, then follow the A-357 towards Coín. The journey takes about two hours from Córdoba and less than an hour from Antequera. Access from Granada is through the A-92, continuing on the A-45 and A-357, with a travel time of under two hours. From Ronda, take the A-367 and continue on the A-357, completing the journey in approximately one hour.

By Bus

Avanza Grupo operates a bus service from Málaga to Coín twice daily. Tickets cost between 1 and 6 euros, and the journey takes 1 hour and 5 minutes.

By Car

If you prefer driving, the journey from Málaga to Coín takes approximately 31 minutes. If you do not have a vehicle you can rent a car in Malaga with us at a very good price.

From the Airport

The nearest airport to Coín is Málaga (AGP). You can take a bus from Malaga (AGP) to Coín via Malaga bus station, with a travel time of around 2 hours and 25 minutes.