The Costa del Sol has a good selection of cinemas, although many of the multi-screen complexes tend to show blockbuster films only and it can be difficult to see an alternative or minority film. The tickets can be purchased in advance from most cinemas by phone or internet. Many sessions have numbered seating, especially for popular movies, so arrive early or making a previous booking is advised.

Films in Spanish

Albeniz Cinema in Malaga


Cines Veracruz (902-221-622)


Puerto Banús (902-221-622)
La Cañada (902-333-231)
Cine Gran Marbella (902-221-622)


La Trocha Shopping Centre (on the
A-355 from Cártama)


Cinebox Benalmar (902-221-622)


Multicines Alfil (902-221-622)
Cine Miramar, A-7 opposite the castle (902-221-622)


Alameda Multicines, C/ Córdoba 13 (952-213-412)
Albeniz Multicines, C/ Alcazabilla 4 (902-221-622)
Andalucía, C/ Victoria 2 (902-221-622)
Astoria, Plaza María Guerrero (902-221-622)
Cinesur Larios Center, Paseo los Tilos (952-369-260)
Cinesur Malaga Nostrum, (952-231-723)
Lux Cinemas, Vialia / Estación María Zambrano (952-360-081)
Multicines La Rosaleda (902-221-622)
Victoria, Plaza de la Merced (902-221-622)
Yelmo Cineplex, Plaza Mayor (902-221-622)

Rincón de la Victoria

Yelmo Cineplex (902-221-622)
Vélez Malaga Cinesur, El Ingenio (902-221-622)

Films in English

The following cinemas show the most popular films in English, usually with Spanish subtitles. Movies in English are often indicated by V.O. (versión original) next to the title and are generally recent films. If V.O.S (versión original subtitulado) is specified, you can be sure the movie has subtitles in Spanish.

Puerto Banús

Cine Gran Marbella (902-221-622)


Cine Miramar (902-221-622)


Yelmo Cineplex, Plaza Mayor (902-221-622)
Cinesur Malaga Nostrum, (952-231-723)

Vélez Malaga

El Ingenio (902-221-622)

Special Interest Films

Film clubs such as Cine Club Luis Buñuel based at the Instituto Río Verde in Marbella and the Veracruz Cinema in Estepona also have original version showings of older films, as well as independent / special-appeal movies. See the local press for details.