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Town set deep in the middle of “El Valle del Genal”, has a population of some 300 inhabitants and is situated in the eastern hillside of the crag of the same name. In its town centre, it is easy to differentiate between two zones, the northern half, with a layout of clear Arabic origin and all the area around the principal square, with a more rectilinear layout. More than a dozen country houses, which can be enjoyed at any time of the year, have been prepared for those who love peace and contact with nature. There is written testimony from Roman times that relates to the existence of a Celtic settlement in “La Serranía”. Despite the defensive system of the castle and the watchtower, the town could not endure the Arabic attack of the Eight Century, who go on to occupy their lands until the arrival of Los Reyes Católicos in 1494. Like many other towns in the vicinity, it staged many a bandit act and suffered the consequences of the War of Independence.

The castle of Benadalid, which dates from the Eight and Nineth Centuries and is presently used as a cemetery, is the most important monument to be visited. The festive calendar has many important dates: from the August festivities in honour of San Isidro, passing through the feast day of “La Virgen del Rosario” in October, to the curious theatrical representation in verse drama of “Moros y Cristianos” (Muslims and Christians) organised in August.

One of the most typical dishes is the variant of the fennel soup, unique in the area. Also recommended are the tasty “mal cocinajos”, “el gazpacho caliente”, “la sopa de vinagre” and “el guiso moruno”.