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Malaga Sports

The Costa del Sol’s climate and comprehensive facilities make it possible to participate in many different types of sport: golf, sailing and tennis, however, remain the most popular. This chapter covers the different sporting activities on the coast.

Joining a sports club

Malaga C.F.

If you speak some Spanish and want the chance to make friendsy, it’s good idea to join a sports club or group at your local sports centre. Municipal centres also offer the opportunity to join sports federations and to compete at regional and national levels. Costs are usually low and annual membership may be available. A wide variety of classes are offered throughout the day.

Ask at your local town hall for information on sports venues and activities available in your area. Municipal sports centres typically offer aerobics, athletics, badminton, basketball, football, gymnastics, handball, judo, karate, rhythmic gymnasium and sauna.

On this section we will provide information about the main activities and sports you can practice in Malaga. Find clubs and places.

Activities and sports in Malaga

There are many things to do. Depending on your accommodation choice, you will find some clubs to join or where practicing your favourite sport activity.

What is your favourite activity?

More activities and sports in Malaga

There is something for you in Malaga to enjoy while being on holiday. Let’s find some active activities you can find:

MTB tours

If you are into bikes but don’t want to bring yours to Malaga, you can book some MTB tours with the mountain bike included in the price.

MTB tour in Malaga

You can practice MTB in some of our natural parks and find some amazing sights of Andalucia.

What should be included in the MTB tours?

  • MTB´s
  • Helmet, gloves, protections
  • Fotoreport
  • Insurance
  • Professional guide

IF you want to find more information about MTB tours in Malaga, you can visit a website near your place; you can rent a bike on your own or book a guided tour:

Kayak excursion

Other of the activities you can do almost during all the year is canoeing. There are guided excursions where you will meet beautiful spots of our coast.

Kayak tour in Malaga

Find some of the most recommended websites by our customers:

Find more active tourism activities in Malaga in our blog.