Villanueva de la Concepcion

A town famous in years gone by for “Los Campos de Camara” (the corn- producing area of Málaga), is situated a little over half an hour from the Costa del Sol. With a population of three thousand inhabitants, it is privileged situated at the foot of the great bulk of limestone rock known as “El Torcal de Antequera”.

Hispano- roman settlements found in the vicinity inform us of the foundation in this land of the city of Oscua. After various centuries of changes, one of the most important dates for the development of Villanueva was the 3rd of November 1880, when it is declared Rural Settlement by Civil Government Decree. Tax exemptions and active dervice rapidly increases its population.

As interesting places for visitors, one must point out the Nineteenth Century parish church, the bridges of “La Ruta del Camino Real de Carlos III” (“Puente de Paraíso” and “Puente del Horcajo”) and, obviously, “El Torcal”.

For lovers of festivities, February is a good month: on the 2nd sees the celebration of “La Candelaria” and the carnaval on the last week of the month. Holy Week is simple but very popular.

Furthermore, it is imperative to highlight the feast of “Los Hornazos”, in honour of Saint Marcos, “La Romería al Torcal”, on the 15th of May, the Corpus and, in August, the fair in honour of “La Inmaculada Concepción”.

The best way of getting to know its´ gastronomy by trying the dishes made with local products: chickpeas, almonds, cereals and olives. Amongst the most noteworthy dishes are the seasoning of wild esparragus, the snail stew (el guiso de caracoles), “gachas” and “migas”.