Malaga Information

The Costa del Sol in the section from Calahonda to Torremolinos is the most densely populated and built-up. There’s little untouched terrain left along the coast in this section and the urbanisations and towns merge into one long metropolitan sprawl.

Within this area there are great contrasts: low-rise urbanisations with the emphasis on green zones and natural surroundings as well as stretches of high-rise complexes, the latter reflecting some of the worst urban planning in Spain.

Many parts of this section of the coast are more accessible to the average wage earner and although some areas can be classed as up-market, there isn’t the same degree of luxury as in Marbella and Sotogrande. This area is also probably the most influenced by foreigners and in many towns and villages you’re more likely to hear a foreign language spoken in the street than Spanish.

The huge advantage of this part of the coast is that it offers the broadest choice of amenities and services within easy reach as well as lying within close proximity to Malaga. The linked sections provide a quick reference for anyone who desires to travel or stay in the Malaga area.

Find all towns and cities in this tourist map of Costa del Sol:

Costa del Sol Map