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A town, with a population of 3.000 inhabitants set deep between “La Sierra de las Nieves” and “La Serranía de Ronda”, is famous because within its municipal district is enclaved the most extensive collection of Spanish fir trees in the world.

The Romans called it Juncaria (aira meaning “abundant” and junca “next to the river”). The Arab settlers did a meticulous and intelligent distribution of the waters of the River Planos and the River Alfaguara. Not until 1845 do the Yunqueranos request their inclusion into the Ronda district.

Its most important monuments are the Church of “Ntra. Sra. De la Encarnación”, built in 1505; the Shrines of El Calvario, of “La Cruz del Pobre” and of “El Porticate”, and “La Torre Vigía”, which has been fitted out as a hotel for visitors to the Natural Park of “Sierra de las Nieves”.

Of its festivities, one must highlight “La Romería de Porticate”, on the 15th of August and the Fair of “Ntra. Sra. Del Rosario y San Sebastián”, held at the beginning of October.

Amongst the most delicious stews of Yunquera one has to mention the stews, which is based on goat meat baked in a wood- fired oven, rabbit cooked in garlic or tomato soup. Without forgetting the peculiar “colmenilla”, made with a mushroom, which grows at the shade of the Spanish fir trees during Spring.