With a population of about 3.000 inhabitants, is set deep in the depression of the “Serranía de Ronda” and it is surrounded by a beautiful, natural environment. Its town centre is typical of the towns in the serrania, with the high church steeple towering above a landscape of low- lying, whitewashed houses.

The name of the town is derived from the Arab term Arriadh, which means “the gardens”. As an independent town, it does not appear until 1630, achieving its definite separation from Ronda in 1661. The most outstanding even in its history is the battle of Arriate, which took place in 1407 and in which the mayor of Canete la Real set an ambush to the Muslim armies, inflicting numerous casualties.

The most important monument in Arriate is the Church of San Juan de Letrán, which hails from the Seventeenth Century.

As far as its festivities are concerned, one needs to highlight “El Día de la Vieja”, with a massive excursion to the countryside by the townfolk and “La Romería de la cruz”, the first Sunday in May.
The Arriateña cuisine is similar to that of the neighbouring town´s in the rondeña administrative district. Typical in the summer months are the cod vegetable soup, “el salmorejo” and boiled eggs. Also typical are rabbit cooked in garlic and “las migas”. A speciality of Arriate is a variation of stew, called “el cocido Arriateño”.