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The castle of Villeta, situated on a hill that shelters Monda from the winds, marks the town as a place brimming with history. Declared a Scenic Spot in 1971, Monda boasts excellent connections to the coast. Within its surroundings, you can partake in big game and small game hunting, as well as potholing, climbing, and hill-walking. It’s a privileged place where blending rural tourism with seaside holidays is possible.

Nestled in small plots of agricultural land and tucked behind the towering Sierra de la Nieves mountains, the white village of Monda lies 20km north of Marbella on the A-355 road. The village takes pride in its Roman castle, which crowns the village and now serves as a popular hotel and restaurant. Monda offers several small shops, two banks, numerous restaurants, and a school. Despite the prevalence of English in most places, the village retains its quintessential Spanish character.


Monda’s history is rich and complex, with its roots reaching back to ancient times. Many historians have identified Monda with the ancient Roman city of Munda Bética. This historic city was the stage for a bloody and pivotal battle in 45 BC, where Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great clashed during the civil war that marked the end of the Roman Republic.

The town later fell under the rule of the Caliphate of Córdoba, an Islamic state that was a beacon of culture and learning during the Middle Ages. Monda flourished under this rule, with its inhabitants contributing to the diverse tapestry of Andalusian culture.

However, the tides of history turned with the Christian Reconquest. In the wake of this sweeping change, Monda’s Muslim inhabitants faced expulsion from their lands in 1570. This marked a significant shift in the town’s demographic and cultural landscape.

Despite these upheavals, Monda has retained its unique character and charm. Today, it stands as a testament to the resilience and enduring spirit of its people, offering a glimpse into the past while looking towards the future.

Tourist Attractions

  • Parish Church of Santiago Apostle: A beautiful church from the Sixteenth Century. It stands as a testament to Monda’s rich history. (Map)
  • Castle of La Villeta: Once a formidable fortress. Now is a luxury hotel offering stunning views of the surrounding countryside. (Map)
  • El Calvario: Dating back to the Eighteenth Century. This religious site offers a peaceful retreat and stunning views. (Map)
  • Remains of a Roman Road: Walking along this ancient road is like stepping back in time, offering a tangible connection to the Roman era. (Map)
  • Sierra de las Nieves National Park: Just a short drive from Monda, this national park offers a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, bird watching, and nature photography. (Map)

Hiking Routes

Enjoy a leisurely walk in nature.

  • Castle Trail: This trail takes you up to the historic Castle of La Villeta. The climb might be challenging, but the panoramic views at the top are worth it.
  • Sierra de las Nieves Loop: A longer route that circles the Sierra de las Nieves National Park. This trail offers a chance to experience the diverse flora and fauna of the park.
  • Roman Road Walk: Follow the remains of a Roman road on this historical trail. It’s a journey back in time as well as a great workout.
  • Monda-Cerro Gordo: The Monda – Cerro Gordo Trail – PR-A 275 takes us to Cerro Gordo, a forested enclave covered by a mass of Aleppo pines, the result of reforestation efforts in the 1960s. Previously, the area was abundant with holm oaks, cork oaks, and wild olive trees, which were used for centuries for obtaining wood, cork, and charcoal. Map


Monda is a town that loves to celebrate, and its calendar is filled with a variety of festivities that reflect its rich culture and traditions.

  • The Day of La Sopa Mondeña: Celebrated at the beginning of Spring, this is Monda’s most characteristic festivity. It’s a day when the community comes together to prepare and enjoy La Sopa Mondeña, a traditional local dish. The celebration is a feast for the senses, with the aroma of the soup filling the air, music playing, and people dancing in the streets.
  • Holy Week: Holy Week is a deeply spiritual time in Monda. The streets are filled with processions that depict the passion of Christ. It’s a time of reflection and community, with locals and visitors alike being moved by the solemnity and beauty of the events.
  • The Fair of San Roque: Taking place between the 15th and the 18th of August, the Fair of San Roque is a time of joy and celebration. The town is filled with music, dancing, and festivities. Traditional food and drink are plentiful, and the fair includes a variety of events such as concerts, competitions, and activities for children.

These festivities offer a wonderful opportunity to experience the culture and traditions of Monda. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, you’re sure to find something to enjoy.


The culinary scene in Monda is a delightful blend of traditional flavours and innovative dishes. The gastronomy of Monda, or Mondeña gastronomy, is deeply rooted in the region’s history and culture.

  • Tomato Soup (La Sopa de Tomate): The most characteristic dish of Mondeña gastronomy, this hearty tomato soup is a local favourite. Made with fresh, locally sourced tomatoes, it’s a perfect blend of tangy and savoury flavours. This soup is not just a dish, but a reflection of Monda’s agricultural heritage.
  • Local Olive Oil: Monda is surrounded by olive groves, and the local olive oil is a staple in many dishes. The oil is rich, flavourful, and used generously in cooking.
  • Regional Wines: The vineyards around Monda produce a variety of wines. From robust reds to crisp whites, there’s a wine to suit every palate.

Whether you’re dining in a local restaurant or exploring the local markets, the gastronomy of Monda offers an unforgettable culinary experience.

Useful Information

  • Local Holidays: The town celebrates a local holiday on the 16th of August in honour of San Roque.
  • Distance from Malaga Airport: Monda is located approximately 71km from Malaga Airport, making it easily accessible for international visitors.
  • Town Hall Contact: You can reach the Town Hall at 952-457-069 for any municipal inquiries or assistance.


Monda is becoming increasingly popular with foreign buyers who are seeking more affordable property options than those found on the coast. The types of properties available are mainly village townhouses or country properties, most of which come with large plots of land. This makes Monda an attractive option for those who wish to enjoy the charm of rural living while being close to the amenities of the coast.