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Is a small town of La Axarquía, situated in the interior of the eastern coast of Málaga. It has about 800 inhabitants and is at a distance of 14 kilometres from Vélez. Its town centre, which in the square the “Los Dolores” has its main centre, rests at the foot of the “Cerro Iznate” and its lands are washed by the river of the same name.

The origins of its name is found in the Arabic root hisnat, which means “castle”. Hence, Hins Aute, means “Castle of Aute”. Iznate´s participation in the Moorish Rebellion was harshly punished by the Catholic Monarchs, leaving its population with little more than one hundred inhabitants. The most interesting building in the town centre of Iznate is the Church of San Gregorio, from the Sixteenth Century.

Its local holidays or festivities revolve around Friday of Our Lady of Dolours. Another of the interesting ludic events is the Feast of the Moscatel Grape, celebrated towards the end of August and in which Holy Mass and flamenco festivals are organised. “La sopa de maimones” is one of the most traditional dishes of the Iznate cuisine. As far as confectionery is concerned, it is worth noting “el pestiño”. The Day of La Cruz, on the 3rd of May, it is customary to prepare “el hornazo”, sweet made with flour, oil and boiled eggs.