El Burgo

Is an ideal place for lovers of nature and tranquillity. With a population of 2.300 inhabitants, it is set deep in “La Sierra de Nieves” (declared “Reserva de la Biosfera”) and its surrounding natural landscapes are of incomparable beauty.

Its strategic positioning on a hill of a height of over 500 metres was taken advantage of by the Celts, the area´s first settlers. The origin of its name is not clear although it is thought that it is derived from the Greek word, purgos, meaning “tower”.

The most visited monuments are the Church of La Encarnación, built over an ancient mosque of the Sixteenth Century; the Church of San Agustín; the Arabic castle; and the three bridges over the River Turón. The two most noteworthy festive dates are: “la Romería de la Virgen de las Nieves”, on the first Sunday in August, the fair of San Agustín, also in August, and the Carnaval towards the end of February.

Its cuisine is based on dishes of country tradition: “la olla”, made with chickpeas and products derived from pork and “la sopa de siete ramales”, very filling for the winter.