The town of Cútar has a population of 700 inhabitants and is situated in the interior of La Axarquía, at 17 kilometres from Vélez. The layout of its streets, of Arabic origin, does not allow for the circulation of cars within its intricate and winding street lets. A prominent place is the street of “La Fuenta”, named like so because it leads directly to the ancient Arabic made fountain.

The name of Cútar appears to come from the Arabic term Cautzar meaning “fountain of paradise”. In its municipal district, there have been found archaeological remains, which show the presence of human settlements from the end of the Neolithic Era to be the beginning of the Bronze Age. As a stable town centre, it saw its beginnings as an Arabic fortification, no longer in existence, and there are many investigators that see in Cútar the scene in which the Battle of La Axarquía, where the Christians suffered a great defeat, was waged.

The most significant monuments of the town are the Parish Church of “Nra. Sra. De la Encarnación”, which hails from the Sixteenth Century, the archaeological remains of “el Cerro de la Peña de Hierro” and, south of the town, the Arabic fountain, called “fuente de la Arquería”.

One of the most important and popular events in Cútar is the Fair of August, dedicated to San Roque. Without doubt, a splendid moment to sample the towns dish par excellence, the soup with chickpeas and hard- pork sausages. Likewise, we can also find specialities from all the area like cold vegetable soup, “sopa de maimones” or cold garlic and almond soup. On the subject of confectionery, “tortas de leche” need to be highlighted and for the menu to be complete, the locally- produced sweet wine cannot be missing from the dinner table.