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A small town with a population of some 600 inhabitants is a great balcony overlooking a spectacular mountainous landscape, which comes about as a great mosaic. Situated in the heart of “El Valle del Genal”, near the sea but in the middle of the “Serranía”, it is an appreciated destination for enthusiast of rural tourism to whom it offers numerous lodgings which have been carefully refurbished, apart from the numerous country inns and lodging houses.

The Phoenicians, the first settlers and of whom there is information, used up all the gold and silver reserves in these “Sierras”. The Arabs named it, Genna- Ahuacir, which means “The Gardens of Visir”. Form time immemorial, these lands have been the setting for frontier wars, for Moorish uprisings and, much later, for the transit of smugglers, bandits, guerrillas and intrepid travellers. Its principal monument is the Church of San Pedro de Verona, built towards the end of the Eighteenth Century and its local holidays and festivities, in honour of the above- mentioned martyr, take place on the 29ht of April.

As far as its gastronomy is concerned, one has to mention “el gazpacho caliente”, “las migas”, “el salmorejo de carne”, “las sopas de tomate” and the delicious sweets and cakes: “tortas”, “bizcochos”, “piñonate”.