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Small town within the administrative district of Ronda, is an enclave of great natural beauty and with a very interesting history behind it. Its population of just over three hundred inhabitants are known by the popular nickname of “panditos”.

The oldest known documents about its origin relate to Pandeire, Arabic term which was kept until the fall of Ronda into Christian hands, in 1485. Even so, the burials found in “Encinas Borrachas”, “Montero” and “La Sepultura del Gigante”, can determine the human presence since the Metal Ages.

The most noteworthy visit to make is the one to the Church of San Antonio de Padua, known as “the cathedral of the serranía” and considered to be the most important monument in the whole area. Other important monuments are the old granary of the Seventeenth Century and the monolith of Fernando VII and, obviously, the house where Fray Leopoldo de Alpandeire was born in 1866 and to whom hundreds of miraculous deeds are attributed; even nowadays, his tomb in Granada is visited by thousands of devotees. The local feast of the 7th of October is dedicated to “La Virgen del Rosario”, Patron Saint Alpandeire.

The confectionery is the principal speciality of its cuisine: “los roscos de leche”, “los ganotes”, “los pestiños”, “los suspiros” and “los borrachuelos” will delight lovers of sweets.