Alora is a very attractive town perched on the Hacho peak above the Guadalhorce river, which flows round the base of the town.It´s a typical white village and irs main attractions are the Moorish castle, now mostly in ruins but still dominating the surroundings, the imposing church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación and the typically Andalusia architecture found in the streets. Views from much of the town are spectacular and you can see for miles.


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At about only 40 kilometres from the Málaga capital and a stones throw away from the Costa del Sol, stands Alora, a small corner of the South with a population of about 8.000 inhabitants. This town generates as much interest for the traces of its intense cultural cross- breeding as for its fantastic natural landscape.


Its name comes from the term Iluro, originating from Iberian times and also used by the Romans, until the Arabs transformed it to Al- Lura.

Amongst the prehistoric remains, the ones found in “Las Terrazas de Canca” are worthy of note. During the Roman occupation, the town should have been located on the “Cerro de las Torres”. For eight centuries, the Muslims remained in these lands until Los Reyes Católicos incorporated the town of Álora into the Christian Crown on the 22nd of June 1484.

As a curious fact in the history of this town, one has to emphasize the presence of Don Miguel de Cervantes, in the roles of tax- collector, from 1587 to 1593.

The Spanish Civil War brings about a serious famine in the 1940´s and many of its citizens decide to emigrate to Germany, Switzerland and Australia.


The same as in other neighbouring towns, Holy Week is the festivity that enjoys the main tradition and popular support. The July- August Fair and the numerous verbenas during July and August complete the festive calendar.


Monuments worthy of visiting are the Parish Church of “Ntra. Sra. De la Encarnación”, from the Seventeenth Century; The Moorish castle, declared a national monument in 1931; the Church of “El Convento de Nuestra Señora de las Flores”, at two kilometres from the town; and the Shrines of “Veracruz” and of “El Calvario”.


The Alorena cuisine has as essential dishes, those made up from local products: “las sopas perotas”, “el majillo de esparragos”, “el gazpacho pimentón”, “las aceitunas aloreñas”. Also worth trying are the products from the pig- slaughtering season like the larded meat and the cured loin of pork in lard.

Useful Information

Local Holidays: Corpus Christi and San Paulino. The town’s main fair is during the first week of August.
Distance from Malaga Airport: 40km
Town Hall: 952-496-100
Local Police: 952-496-468
There’s a good range of services including schools, a health centre , sports facilities, supermarkets and other smaller specialist shops. Alora is the main services centre for the area and it’s also the starting point for the nearby Chorro national park.


Property in the area has risen sharply in price in recent months, but as yet there’s little construction in the immediate area of the town.