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Cuevas del Becerro

Situated on a very narrow, limestone spur and considered as the northern entrance to “La Serranía de Ronda”, Cuevas del Becerro is one of the smallest towns of the province and an ideal location to retire to due to the quiet pace of life and its beautiful landscapes, especially “El Castillejo”, lovely landscape of almond trees in blossom.

The origin of its present name is not totally clear, with some investigators believing that it refers to one of the many caves present in the municipal district in which, supposedly so, a golden calf- shaped figure was found. What is clear is its Roman past thanks to the remains of “Los Hornos de Alfar”.

The visit to the ruins of its medieval castle, a small fortress with oval- shaped floors and dating from around the Nineth century, is interesting; it is situated on a small, eight hundred metre high, hill which overlooks the town. One of its most traditional festivities is “El Día de la Vieja”. Furthermore, the emigrant has its feast day towards the end of July and in “El Día de Tosantos” in November, it is customary to go on excursions to the country- side and to roast chestnuts.

Apart from the typical chickpea stew, the most appreciated products of Cuevas del Becerro are those derived from the pig- slaughtering season.