Malaga Leisure

Puerto Marina - Malaga Leisure

The Costa del Sol offers numerous leisure possibilities for all ages and tastes, and the fine climate lends itself to a wealth of activities on the beach, in the country or up in the mountains. This chapter aims to provide a guide to what you can do in your spare time.

All kind of indoor and outdoor activities can be enjoyed in Malaga, including playing golf, going to concerts and music festivals, watching 3d movies at Yelmo Cineplex (Plaza Mayor cinema) and many other.

An excellent additional source of information about local attractions and events is the local tourist office, where you will find a wealth of helpful tips and leaflets. The main office is located in the Plaza de la Marina, next to the Malaga port, and there are many other information points spread throughout Malaga. Tourist offices are usually open from 9-10am to around 6-7pm Mondays to Saturdays. Hours are longer in the summer when many offices open on Sunday as well.

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