All you need to know about Malaga Fair in August

Malaga Fair in August is a celebration that is taking place since the entry of the Catholic Kings on August 19, 1487 after the conquest of the city. This celebration has undergone some changes in its location since its beginning. In the past the Fair was celebrated in the Park of Malaga and in Pier Heredia; now we find it at Cortijo de Torres Fairgrounds.

At the Fair you will find horse shows, live concerts and people dressed in traditional costumes. Every year more than 2 million visitors usually pass through the Fair; it is a great spectacle that we recommend you to visit. Some people plan their August holidays in Malaga with the start of the Feria de Malaga in mind.

Activities in Malaga Fair

The main activities of the Fair every year are the amusement rides and varied booths. Some booths where you can try  typical dishes , others where you can also dance while having a drink. Visitors can choose among the Night Fair and the Day Fair, the last one taking place in the streets of the city centre.


If you choose getting to the Malaga city centre, there you will find a special decoration and people. If you prefer the Night Fair you will find amusement rides, live concerts and many other activities.

Night Fair

The Night Fair in Malaga opens in style, usually in mid-August. The day chosen can vary but usually starts between the 14th and 19th of August; it is inaugurated during the night with a great fireworks display.

Some people prefer the Fair at night because of the pleasant temperature and the amusement rides. It’s especially fun for children, although adults will have just as much fun.

Amongst the rides you will definitely find something you like, from the classic merry-go-round or Ferris wheel, roller coasters and many others that vary from year to year.

In addition to the rides, there are booths with music and drinks where you can dance until almost dawn; other booths offer a wide range of food, not forgetting the fast food stalls and donuts, which can be found all over the fairgrounds.

The atmosphere of the Night Fair is special, so if you visit Malaga in August you can’t miss the opportunity to experience one of the most popular events in the province.

Night Fair in Malaga
At night is the time to have fun on the fairground rides or visit the food booths.

Day Fair

The Day Fair has its appeal in Malaga’s decked out streets; despite being  under the bright August Sun, many prefer to come to the centre of Malaga instead of lying on a sun bed on the beach or by the pool. What is it about the Fair that makes this happen? Well, you’ll find a lot of fun at the daytime fair, an experience you should try at least once if you visit us during these dates.

Music and dancing take over the main streets of the city centre; people come in and out of the bars where they can drink the typical rebujito that is so much enjoyed during these dates.

During the Fair in the city centre we can meet all sorts of people; many of them dressed in traditional clothes, and of any nationality. Agglomerations are common and the characteristic heat of August invites to cool down. We recommend getting dressed in light clothes and comfortable shoes; especially if you plan to enjoy the Fair during the day in Larios street or at Plaza de la Constitucion.

How to get to Malaga Fair

You can go to the fair in Malaga either by public transport or in your own car, if you have decided to rent a car in Malaga. We are going to tell you how to get there and where to park, if you go by car.

Going to the Fair by train

To get to the Day Fair we recommend using the commuter train, for the Night Fair you can use public transport or go with your own vehicle, in case of using the train you must exit at the Victoria Kent station, the fairground is a few minutes walking from there.

To get to the Day Fair you will have to get off at the last stop.

The train gets so crowded and sometimes you will have to wait for the next one. It is difficult if you are travelling with a pushchair or in a wheelchair, although it is possible.

Going to the Fair by bus

During these days are launched various special bus services from Benalmadena Costa to the fair; we know that many of our visitors choose the Costa del Sol as holiday destination.

Where to park at Malaga Fair

You can go to the Fair by car, although if you choose to go to the Fair during the day you will have to use one of the public car parks in the centre. To go to the Fair at night you can park at the Fair itself if you can find a free space or in the surrounding area.

During the Day Fair you can try to park in one of these public car parks:

For the Night Fair we recommend parking in a street in Avenida Velázquez or in the neighbourhood of Virgen de Belén; it is far enough away from the fair to find a free place and at the same time close enough to walk.

Other places where you can park to go to the fair at night:

Malaga Fair program

The updated programme is published at the following official link:


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