Soak up the sun in Malaga in October with activities and things to do

September and October in Malaga are some of the best months of the year that the popular coast in the south of Spain has to offer. While autumn is slowly arriving in much of Europe, the southern coast of Spain around Malaga still boasts a fantastic weather.

After the bustling months of July and August from September onwards we can enjoy a peaceful tranquility along the Coast. Many tourists are returning to their jobs and from one day to the other, you can enjoy almost deserted beaches, while temperatures are still around 25ºC during a few months.

These months are ideal not only to enjoy the beach, terraces and beach bars. The streets of the resorts invite to stroll and discover without frying in the sun; in Malaga city also awaits a large range of culture and the old town with a variety of Museums and Monuments. In Larios street we can go shopping and relax over a coffee in one of the many terraces and squares.

Climate and weather in October in Malaga

If you come to Malaga in October you will find a mild climate, pleasant to walk around the city centre or even to go to the beach. Let’s get to know some details about the weather in October in Malaga.

The length of the day is about 11 hours and a half; the sun rises around 8:13 in the morning and sets around 19:40. This information will be useful if you plan to make any driving excursions in Malaga.

It usually rains 4 days in October, but these are usually light showers and will not change your plans for the day.

Temperature in October in Malaga

The temperature during this month in Malaga ranges between 24ºC and 15ºC at night. During the day you can wear summer clothes, with short-sleeved shirts, shorts and sandals; you can also wear shoes and long trousers, as it is not too hot and you will be comfortable. We recommend bringing light clothing and some long sleeves.

At the beginning of the month the temperature can reach 26ºC with lows of 17ºC, while at the end of the month the temperature is around 22ºC and lows of 15ºC.

Going to the beach

Many of you ask us if you can go to the beach in October in Malaga. The short answer is yes; you can even go swimming, especially at the beginning of the month. At the end of the month the temperature tends to drop, so if you feel like enjoying the beach and sunbathing we recommend you to come during the first fortnight.

You will enjoy sunny weather on the beach and fewer tourists than in summer. Those who have doubts about when to come to Malaga and prefer to avoid the crowds, can choose the first quarter of the month of October with complete peace of mind. If you are not interested in the beach or swimming, but in visiting Malaga villages in one of our cars and enjoying the local gastronomy and hiking trails, then any day of the month will suit you.

Activities and events in October

If you are planning to visit us during this month and are wondering if there are things to do, we bring you some of the most popular events in Malaga that only take place in October. Every month there is something special going on and this month is no exception.


The celebration of Halloween in Malaga has become more and more popular over the years. Nowadays there are activities and events dedicated exclusively to this holiday.

Halloween in Malaga

You will find special offers for those who are dressed in costume, costume parties, activities for children and even hotels that offer exclusive packages during these dates. Although Halloween night is the night of 31 October, activities usually take place from the middle of the month until the beginning of November.

Fairs and festivals

There are many traditional fairs and festivals taking place this month. These are highly recommended events that you can only attend if you come to Malaga in October:

  • Perota Soup Festival: First saturday in October.
  • Torrox Fair: First weekend of the month.
  • Algatocín Fair: During the first week.
  • Fuengirola Fair: Second week of the month.
  • Wine Fair in Yunquera: By the end of October.
  • Fair of Nerja: First half of October.
  • Fair of Ojen in Marbella: First half of October.
  • San Pedro de Alcántara Fair: Around the 19th in October.
  • Chestnut Fair in Pujerra: Last week in October.


Those who prefer to enjoy nature can choose car hire in Malaga and discover the many trails in natural areas of high ecological value in Malaga province or the charming white villages with their Moorish past. Due to the mild weather in Malaga it is also possible to practice a lot of sports throughout the year, with Golf as one of the sports par excellence, with over 30 great golf courses.

by car in October in Malaga

As you can see, there are many good reasons to look for a flight to Malaga, whether for a relaxing holiday by the sea, cultural holidays and city break or on active holidays playing sports.

Hiring a car will make your holiday even more special; discover our villages and gastronomy by car and get the most from your visit with


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