Making the perfect travel plan – Being a good tourist in Malaga

Two tourists lost in Calle Molina Lario Street, map in hand, looking for the name plate of the street. This is one of the typical scenes that we see on the streets in Malaga sometime. This will not happen to you if you have a good travel plan, but how to make a perfect travel plan? What are the most recommended visits? Where is the nightlife? What is the best place to eat? You can find answers to those questions online; but using Internet is an art, let’s learn how to do it.

Finding information for your travel plan before the trip

But is not the same being interested in the best restaurant or the one which offers the best treat or has the best environment. Neither is the same going shopping or finding a special type of store. For that, the travel guides never hurt. And much less the Internet, which has become one of the greatest allies in preparing a getaway.

In particular, social networks, blogs and forums are the best sources of information. The travel guides are still being a good tool to get a first idea of ​​what you can see and mark the route. Of course, don´t forget to look at the date of the last edition: In just one year, the panorama of a city can transform completely.

Reading reviews and status

You know, the restaurants change hands, some open, some close; as happens with the shops, bars and many leisure and even cultural facilities. In this sense, real-time search on the Internet is the best option for updated information.

Also, if you want to go to the detail and search for restaurants, bars and beaches, then the Web with blogs and social networks is vital to find out all about popular places at your holiday destination Costa del Sol.

Using Internet and social networks

Both social networks such as blogs and forums, through comments, offer the opportunity to get to ‘experts’ in the area that can help design the itinerary or who know those authentic places that do not appear in conventional guides. It is possible to get very good advice on the Internet. The blog has now become one of the best sources of information on the Web, as many of them gather experiences from other travelers.

social media for trips
Using social media for gathering information and planning a perfect trip.

Although it is advisable to read with some objectivity. We don´t have to believe that whatever is written on the web is true. It is therefore very important to know where to look, to know who is giving us advice, who is the author of the blog that we are reading or who is behind the web that we follow.

It is also a good idea to have a look at the media and entertainment guides which are very useful for information about shows, schedules, movies and exhibitions in the most popular resorts of the Costa del Sol. Although for more details on site, there are always the locals, perhaps one of the best resources, for both to find streets as to reach those sites that are not on the tourist circuit. The locals in Malaga are very friendly and helpful people, you just have to overcome shyness and venture into little conversations.


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