Augmented Reality in Malaga and Andalucia with app for cultural visit

many monuments‘Cultural Routes of Andalusia’ is a technological App designed for smartphones and tablets compatible for augmented reality in Malaga. This app will allow its users advanced cultural information, as well as commercial, leisure or gastronomic, amongst others, of the place or site they want to visit.

Cultural Routes

‘Cultural Routes of Andalusia’  contain information about Granada, Antequera and Malaga among many other destination. The technology plays a very important role  and the priority aim is the creation of  collaborative environments with entities and entrepreneurs.

About the augmented reality app

You can use this app after downloading it from any city of Andalusia. The user, with the use of the ‘Augmented Reality’ technology, obtain on the screen the location  of the existing points of interest in the area.

This new cultural information tool can be downloaded free  from Android Market, under the name ‘Cultural Routes of Andalusia’, or from the website ‘’ . Once downloaded, the icon on the screen will appear with the caption ‘culTUraAR+’.


The App focus on touch-screen devices and it’s intuitive, quick and easy to use and understand. The first screen shows the routes available; when you tap on any, a list of ‘categories’ will appear (museums, hotels, shops, information offices, monuments, etc…) Finally, by pressing on the chosen point of interest, a list of useful information will appear.

Augmented Reality in Andalucia

This new App uses ‘Augmented Reality’ technology which is specially indicated for live interaction in the city. Your mobile device will indicate the points of interest in the area; on the other hand, if you select a specific point of interest, the device will guide you there. The App contains photographs, historical data, curiosities, possibility of ticket reservations, leisure agenda and information on restaurants, hotels, etc.

This augmented reality app is available in Spanish, English and German; the menus, in Russian and Chinese as well. Currently, the device contains more than 200 points of interest with  monuments, museums or other places of interest.

What to see with the app

In Granada we’ll find many monuments and places of interest. Among those monuments we find the Alhambra, Cathedral, the Carmen of the Martyrs, the Sacromonte Abbey or the House Museum of Manuel de Falla.

In Antequera we’ll see the Alcazaba, the Dolmens, the Collegiate Church among many others.

Augmented reality in Malaga city bring us the most featured points of interest. We will find the Picasso Museum, Thyssen Museum, Gibralfaro Castle, Roman Theatre, the Cathedral among many other landmarks.

Finally and apart from these exclusively cultural points of interest, the App offers restaurants, hotels, events, shops and others. Without any doubt this is a great mobile app for anyone looking to get the most from the visit to Malaga.

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