Easter week in Malaga, Spain

Although Spain is a perfect destination for any season, Easter in Malaga make it even more attractive. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes, beaches and relax while watching our traditionsduring this Holy Week in the province.

Why is Malaga so popular in Easter Week?

Malaga’s popularity at Easter is mainly due to its climate and the processions; even if you are not religious, watching thrones weighing several tons being lifted by weight around the city is a sight to behold. Traditions and figures in procession are historical; although many of the latter had to be rebuilt after the civil war.

What to see at Easter in Malaga

There is a lot to see in Malaga during Easter Week; if we focus on the festive aspect, the processions with the big, decked-out thrones are something you shouldn’t miss. The good weather in Malaga during Easter also invites us to discover the province.

We recommend to visit the villages of Malaga by car; it would be difficult to get around by any other means of transport. Make the most of your freedom of movement and enjoy a typical dish of our province in a new place every day.

How to experience Semana Santa ( Easter Week)

Although you can see the Easter Week parades in Malaga from the sides of the route; we should point out that recent controversial measures have prevent this from happening; In 2022 it was only visible from some specific points along the route. The large number of complaints suggest that this new measure will not last and that Semana Santa in Malaga will once again be visible from any point along the route in future editions.

Easter in Malaga

Renting a seat at Easter

Renting seats and boxes is the main method of financing for the brotherhoods that guard the images in their temples and take them out in procession during Holy Week in Malaga. The vast majority of people, however, prefer to watch the processions standing.

If you prefer to watch Holy Week seated, you can rent a seat in one of the following areas: Tribuna Central, Calle Granada, Alameda Principal, Rotonda de Larios, Calle Larios and Plaza de la Constitución.

Carretería street is the location of the Tribuna de los Pobres. This street is where traditionally the poor sat to watch the processions pass by ; today is one of the most popular spots along the processions route.

Price for private seat in Easter: The approximate price for a seat is 60€ for all the week. If you want a bench of 6 seats the price is 600€.

For updated prices or futher information about availability: https://agrupaciondecofradias.com/abonos/

Holy week in Malaga

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