Golf in Marbella

Marbella on the Costa del Sol can probably be described rightly as the centre of golf in Europe. As soon as you arrive from the airport in Malaga to Marbella, you can see on both sides of the highway a number of beautiful Golf courses.

The more one is approaching the popular resort on the Costa del Sol, the more one finds: Marbella is almost all about golf. Among the many hotels and apartment complexes are paths of different golf courses; often you can go directly from your apartment to a golf course and start playing right away. In addition to golf, there are of course the suitable golf shops in Marbella.

Sooner or later, probably everybody succumbs to the fascination of golf in Marbella. Many visitors who spend a holiday on the Costa del Sol come only to play golf and many stay to enjoy the beautiful weather in Malaga while improving their golf game.

Golf courses in Marbella, Malaga

With over 30 golf courses around Marbella every player will find the right place. The golf courses are partly within walking distance from the hotel or can easily be reached by car , and for this just check our cheap prices for car hire Malaga, book in advance and avoid possible availability problems.


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