The stunning beautiful village of Frigiliana lies to the north of Nerja in the Tejeda sierra and its narrow white streets crowned with flower-laden balconies include the best-preserved Mudejar quarter in the region.
Frigiliana is famous for the battle of the Peñón de Frigiliana in 1568 when thousands of Moriscos were killed or expelled from the village where generations upon generations had lived before them. Monuments of note in the village include the Moorish castle and the San Antonio church, as well as just about every street.


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Situated in the eastern zone of La Axarquía, we find this small town of 2.200 inhabitants.


The Lizar Castle ancient fortification, serves as an ornamental top to its stoned and strongly sloping streets, amongst which we find its famous Mudejar district, the best kept in the whole of Andalucía.
The first human remains found in the town date back to the end of the Neolithic Age (3.000 B.C). Its name: frexinius, meaning “town-house”, comes from the Roman Era. But the birth of the town around the farmstead dates from the Ninth and Tenth Centuries.
The Battle of “El Peñón de Frigiliana”, in which the Moorish Rebellion was stifled, took place on its lands. Form the Seventeenth Century onwards, there is a social and economic organisation of the town and, during the Nineteenth Century, marked by the parties of bandits, the earthquake of 1884 and the phylloxera, it comes to have a population of over 3.200 inhabitants, figure which has never been surpassed to date.
Apart from the Archaeological sites, obliged visits are to the Parish Church of San Antonio, hailing from the Seventeenth Century; to the Palace of Manrique de Lara, from the Sixteenth Century, which at present houses the only existing molasses factory in Europe; to the Shrine of Ecce Homo, hailing from the Eighteenth Century; to the Reales Expósitos, an old asylum built in 1767; and to the “Palacio del Apero”.


Apart from its fair, which starts on the 5th of August, its local holidays or festivities, in honour of San Sebastian and which are held on the 20th of Janury, and the flamenco singing contest, “Villa de Frigiliana”, which is held between May and June, are of interest.


The fried calf in almond sauce or cooked in garlic, “las migas”, “ajocolorao”, “potajes de coles y de Semana Santa” and the cod pancakes are some of the typical dishes of the place. On the subject of desserts and sweets, one has to taste “la arropía” and “las batatillas con miel de caña”, made locally.


The village has few services apart from some small shops, numerous restaurants and cafés and limited sports facilities. The village is connected to nearby Nerja by a bus service which runs from Mondays to Saturdays.

Useful Information

Local Holidays. 20th January and 3rd May
Distance from Malaga Airport 64km
Town Hall: 952-533-002


Property prices are between 150.000€ apartment and 500.000 € a villa.