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This charming town, with a population of around 48,000 residents, experiences a significant surge in visitors during the summer months. Nestled within the picturesque Sierra Bermeja mountains and graced with 21 kilometers of coastline in its municipal district, it has rightfully earned its place as a sought-after vacation spot. Here, enthusiasts of water sports, golf, mountain activities, and thrilling adventures find their haven.

Estepona, the largest town and primary service hub on the western Costa del Sol, enjoys a stunning setting amidst the awe-inspiring Sierra Bermeja mountains, known for the rare Pinsapo pine tree. This medium-sized town has undergone remarkable growth in recent years and is gaining popularity among international residents. Its allure centers around the main church, complemented by inviting pedestrian streets and lively squares. The seafront promenade holds its own charm, while tree-lined boulevards welcome you at the town’s entrances.

Unlike its more developed counterparts, Estepona has preserved its authentic character, remaining a bastion of Spanish culture among tourism destinations. Along its 23 kilometers of coastline, pristine beaches stretch out, meticulously maintained and staffed by lifeguards throughout the summer season.


Uncover the enchantment of Estepona, where history comes alive at every turn. From the mysterious human remains of the Copper and Bronze Ages to the traces of ancient Phoenician and Roman civilizations in the ruins by the Guadalmansa River. Did you know that this place was once the Arab city of Esstebbunna?

Back in 1456, the imprint of King Enrique IV of Castile was left upon this land, yet the full narrative only surfaced later. During the 16th century, the strategic significance of Estepona caught the attention of the Catholic Monarchs, leading to the reformation of its defensive fortifications. This endeavor rekindled its vitality, buoyed by the efforts of brave and determined families.

A significant turning point materialized in 1729: Felipe V acknowledged the flourishing state of Estepona and bestowed upon it the esteemed “Privilegio de Villazgo,” cementing its status of prosperity. Since then, the town has grown ceaselessly, blending its past with its vibrant present. Immerse yourself in its charm and be swept away by a history that comes alive on its streets, beaches, and warm-hearted people.

Discover Estepona

From the wild wonders of Selwo Nature Park to the elegance of the Costa del Sol School of Equestrian Art, Estepona offers a spectrum of attractions that will leave you enchanted. Whether you’re drawn to modern conference spaces or the maritime charm of a renowned yachting harbour, Estepona invites you to explore its diverse array of attractions that blend nature, culture, and innovation.


  • Ruins of Nicio Castle: Step back in time as you explore the captivating ruins of Nicio Castle. It is a testament to Estepona’s ancient past and storied history. (Map)
  • La Torre del Reloj: It is a historic clock tower that stands as a beacon of the town’s enduring spirit. It was once part of the church of De los Remedios. (Map)
  • Beacon Towers: Marvel at the commanding beacon towers that once safeguarded Estepona’s shores, offering breathtaking views and a connection to the past. (Map)
  • Remains of San Luis Castle: Discover the remnants of San Luis Castle, where echoes of battles and conquests whisper tales of the town’s resilience.
  • Church of Ntra. Sra. De los Remedios: Immerse yourself in spiritual heritage at the Church of Ntra. Sra. De los Remedios, a place of tranquillity and reverence. (Map)
  • Marqueses de Mondéjar’s Residence: Delve into history at the house of Los Marqueses de Mondéjar, a residence that preserves the essence of a bygone era. (Map)
  • Plaza de Toros (Bullring): Experience the unexpected at the Plaza de Toros, where tradition and innovation converge to house Estepona’s municipal museums. (Map)


  • Selwo Nature Park: Immerse yourself in nature’s wonders at the Selwo Nature Park, where exotic wildlife and natural beauty converge to create an unforgettable experience. (Map)
  • Costa del Sol School of Equestrian Art: Witness the artistry and elegance of equestrian performances at the Costa del Sol School of Equestrian Art, a true celebration of the region’s cultural heritage. (Map)
  • Modern Conference Centre: Embrace modernity at the town’s cutting-edge conference centre, where innovation and knowledge-sharing thrive in a dynamic setting. (Map)
  • Maritime Yachting Harbour: Explore Estepona’s maritime charm at the renowned yachting harbour, where the allure of the sea beckons and adventure awaits. (Map)

Walking around Estepona


Estepona’s calendar comes alive with vibrant festivities that offer a glimpse into its cultural tapestry:

  • Las Fiestas Mayores: In early July, join the lively celebrations of “Las Fiestas Mayores,” igniting the town with energy and excitement.
  • La Virgen del Carmen: On July 16th, witness the vibrant maritime procession of “La Virgen del Carmen,” a colourful tribute to the sea’s significance.
  • Night of San Juan: Embrace tradition on the night of San Juan, as “Juas” are set ablaze, filling the air with a sense of magic and renewal.
  • Feast of San Isidro: On May 15th, celebrate the feast of San Isidro, a time to honour the town’s agricultural roots and community spirit.


Prepare your taste buds for a culinary journey like no other in Estepona. With over a hundred restaurants to choose from, this charming town offers a splendid array of culinary experiences, ranging from time-honoured traditions to cutting-edge innovations and international flavours.

Indulge in classic dishes that have been savoured for generations. Delight in the heartiness of country soup, a warm embrace of flavours that reflect Estepona’s culinary heritage. Immerse yourself in the essence of the coast with “sardines al espeto” or “sardines a la teja,” capturing the sea’s freshness in every bite. And don’t miss the opportunity to relish the various forms of fried fish that have become a hallmark of the region’s cuisine.

A standout star of Estepona’s culinary landscape is its own-produced goat cheese. Crafted from the milk of the Estepona goat, this cheese holds a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Notably, the Estepona goat has gained recognition as a unique breed and has triumphed in numerous national and international competitions, solidifying its status as a true culinary gem.

Useful Information

Local Holidays: 15th May is the town’s patron saint’s day. The main fair takes places during the first week of July and Estepona also celebrates the Virgen del Carmen on 16th July.
Distance from Malaga Airport 80km
Town Hall. Estepona 952-801-100
Local police station 952-808-040


When it comes to services, Estepona shines with a plethora of excellent options to enhance your stay. Shopping enthusiasts will find satisfaction in the presence of a Carrefour on the eastern outskirts and a bustling indoor market for fresh produce, along with a variety of shops peppered throughout the town center.

For those seeking leisure, Estepona doesn’t disappoint. Engage in sports at the well-equipped sports centre, embrace the maritime allure of the marina, or indulge in a round of golf at the numerous courses nearby. Plus, keep an eye out for the upcoming indoor pool, set to open its doors soon.

Health is of utmost importance in Estepona. The town houses two public health centres, with advanced plans for a day hospital in the pipeline, designed to cater to emergency cases with dedicated beds. Additionally, the town boasts an array of private clinics and practices, ensuring comprehensive medical care.

Numerous small commercial centres offer a range of services, with a focus on estate agents, restaurants, and furniture shops. The area encompasses pharmacies, two supermarkets, and other essential stores to cater to your needs. Sprinkled within the vicinity are several expansive garden centres, adding a touch of green to the urban landscape.

Estepona’s administrative borders meet the Guadalmina river, a demarcation point where Marbella’s district begins to the east. As you journey along the A-7, you’ll soon reach San Pedro de Alcántara, where the exclusive Guadalmina urbanisation awaits. Here, an alluring golf course and luxurious residences harmonize to create an enclave of elegance and sophistication.


In Estepona, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to properties, offering both resale options and brand-new dwellings. Reflecting the current real estate surge, prices here have climbed even more dramatically than those across the wider Costa del Sol.

The eastern coastline of Estepona is undergoing rapid expansion, with intense development shaping the landscape. As available land becomes scarce, urbanisations have sprung up on both sides of the A-7, ranging from luxurious to more modest offerings. Amidst this vibrant tapestry, you’ll find commercial centres and notable hotels, including the prestigious 5-star “Great Luxury” Kempinsky and Las Dunas establishments. The area bears a distinct international influence, with English being widely spoken. The property market predominantly features apartments and townhouses, while a selection of smaller urbanisations boasts charming villas. The beaches, adorned with grey sand, are meticulously maintained throughout the year, inviting leisure and relaxation.

From the western edge to the eastern expanse, an array of notable residential developments unfolds. These encompass Alcazaba Beach, Dominion Beach, Hacienda Beach, Selwo Hills, and Cabo Bermejo (which is home to Estepona’s Golden Mile). Further along, you’ll find Costalita II, Park Beach, Costalita, El Saladillo opposite Bel Air, and Benamara. Additionally, the extensive El Paraíso to the north of the A-7 and Atalaya on the western bank of the Guadalmina river. Each development possesses its distinct character and charm. Estepona warmly invites you to explore a property landscape tailored to your desires and aspirations.

How to get to Estepona

If you’re planning a journey from Malaga Airport to Estepona by car, let us guide you through the picturesque route. As a frequent traveler, you understand the joy of the open road and the anticipation of exploring new destinations. Whether you’re a seasoned road tripper or a first-time explorer, this route offers a blend of convenience and scenic beauty that will make your journey truly memorable.

Choosing Your Route: AP-7 vs A-7

As you embark on this drive, you have two primary route options: the AP-7 toll highway or the A-7, a major expressway. The AP-7 is known for its swift travel and limited traffic, thanks to the tolls that deter congestion. On the other hand, the A-7 promises a more leisurely journey, taking you through captivating landscapes without the burden of toll charges. Both routes have their merits, so the choice depends on your preferences and priorities.

The A-7: A Leisurely Adventure

Opting for the A-7 grants you the opportunity to soak in the beauty of the surroundings at a relaxed pace. This journey, while taking approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes or more, rewards you with scenic views and a chance to truly absorb the essence of the region. Keep in mind that during peak seasons and holidays, this road can experience heavier traffic, so a little patience might be required.

Step-by-Step Directions

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate from Malaga Airport to Estepona:

  1. Head northeast toward Av del Comandante García Morato.
  2. Make a right onto Av del Comandante García Morato.
  3. Slightly veer right to stay on Av del Comandante García Morato.
  4. Make another right to stay on Av del Comandante García Morato.
  5. Take the ramp onto N-340/Av de Velázquez.
  6. Turn right onto N-340/Av de Velázquez.
  7. Take the A-7/E-15 ramp toward Algeciras/AP-7/Benalmádena.
  8. Stay left at the junction to continue onto E-15/A-7.

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