Situated in “La Sierra de Líbar” and with a very uneven orography, Benaoján has a population of 1.700 inhabitants and its municipal district is washed by the Guadiaro River. A cosy town, it presently has a wide offer of rural accommodation and board and lodging which covers all public needs.

The most interesting remains of human settlements dating from prehistoric times can be found in the renowned “Cueva de la Pileta”. Declared National Monument in 1924, cave paintings and utensils from the Paleolithic Age have been found in its interior. Just as interesting and as visited by potholing enthusiasts is “Cueva del Gato”.

But throughout history, the area has witnessed the passing of many different civilizations: Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths, Arabs and Christians left their mark in the area. Still standing, opposite the railway station, is “La Torre del Moro”, of Arabic construction. Its name, originally Ben- Ojan, which for some means “Son of Ojan” (Berber tribe) and for others “the baker´s house” comes from this era. The two most outstanding festivities in the town are the feast of “La Virgen del Rosario” on the 7th of October and the one in honour of San Marcos held on the 25th of April. Rabbit cooked in garlic and the cold vegetable soup are the two principal, gastronomical specialities. Furthermore, the fabrication of pork cold cuts is the principal economic support of the town having companies with over a century’s experience in this artesan production.