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Taxis are plentiful on the Costa del Sol, particularly if there are several of you to share the cost. Within urban areas rates are metered, while other journeys have fixed fees. Public taxis in Malaga charge extra for luggage and after 10pm while private taxi transfers do not charge extra for luggage.

You can either take a taxi from an authorised taxi rank or phone for one. If you prefer a private taxi, then you can check the prices and book online from their website and pay on arrival.

Services for taxis in Malaga

If you are a tourist and Spanish is not your first language or you want to save some money, we recommend to choose a transfer service. The websites we recommend have bilingual drivers and a large fleet of cars, so you will find one that suits you the best.

You can book a private taxi at any time using your phone number, however we recommend to do it at least 24 hours in advance. The reason is that they are very popular because the prices and the comfort they provide, so last minute bookings are not always possible.

Transfers from the airport

If you are planning a flight to Malaga and do not want to drive and rent a car, we recommend to book a Malaga airport taxi. Follow the link to know more about their services and what they can do for you.

Day trips from Malaga

Althoug we recommend to hire a car in Malaga for making day trips, there are many who do not want to drive or don’t have a valid driving license. In those circunstances, the most comfortable way for day trips is using a private taxi service.

Drivers speak English fluently, so you can ask any question you might have and discover any hidden spot in Andalucia. They will take you where you need and pick-you up for returning at any time you need.

If you want to explore our coast or visit any monument that is not close to our province, you should book a taxi in Malaga.

Taxis for golf

Many of our customers love golf, and they like to hire ample vehicles for their golf equipment. If you are not driving, then any of the websites we recommend offer also different models of vehicles you can book online, and they do not charge any extra for the equipment you bring.

If necesary, with some models they can use a transport trailer for the extra luggage.

Going out taxis

Even if you drive and rent a car in Malaga with us, if you plan to go out and drink it is better to park our vehicle and use any other transport means. If you still prefer the comfort of a private vehicle, we recommend to book for a taxi transfer.

They have vehicles available at any time of the day and night for a few people and for many.

Wedding taxi services

Many visitors plan to have a wedding in Malaga, because the beautiful landscapes and excellent climate. It might be the perfect choice and booking a luxury private taxi is the cherry on top.

If you also need transport for your guests from the airport or anywhere, they also have minibuses and buses you can book. Do not worry about the amount of guests, just remember to book well in advance so they can arrange all the vehicles for your needs.

Parties and chauffer services

With a private taxi service in Malaga you can use their cars for any need you might have. Think of them as a chauffer services, so you can use a vehicle for stag and hen parties for example. Pick up all the guests from their hotel or resort with an ample vehicle and return them at the desired time.

Our recommended private taxis in Malaga

Taxis in Malaga and transfers
Private taxi transfers are perfect for English speakers, large groups or for day trips. There are different vehicle models to choose from.

Among our recommended and trusted taxi transfers services are the following:

  • English speaking drivers with clean and comfortable vehicles. You can book now online and pay on arrival.
  • Also bilingual drivers, providing an excellent service in Malaga and Andalucia.

You can book online and know the price in advance on the websites above. Remember to book from their website at least 24 hours in advance when possible; due the low prices and popularity is not easy to book a last minute taxi transfer, even more in high season.

Public Taxis phone numbers and stops

If you still need a public taxi, telephone numbers and public stops for taxis in the main localities are listed below:

Taxis in Malaga

If you are arriving to the airport or plan to return, then we recommend to visit our Malaga airport transfers page.