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This small town of 3.000 inhabitants, is a forceful point of reference in the “Ruta de la Pasa y el Vino” of La Axarquía. It processes a winding and steep town centre which is worth taking a stroll on foot, Cómpeta is recognised for its vineyards, which enjoy well- deserved fame, to such a point that various of the towns existing wine cellars devote themselves to the making of a variety of sweet and dry local brands of wine, which has given risen to the Cómpeta Wine. The second most recognised product well beyond its boundaries is the raisin, made in an artisan method and which finds in this place, the ideal climatic conditions of air and sun.

Its name derives from the latin Compita- orum, which means “crossroads” or “meeting place” and makes reference to the places in which the Romans celebrated their comrade or compitalia festivities, in honour of the gods of the way.

The town’s most important building is the Parish Church of “Ntra. Sra. De la Asunción” and it is situated in the Square of Pantaleón Romero. Just as important is the Shrine of San Sebastián, hailing from the Eighteenth Century, “La Almazara de Ntra. Sra. Del Carmen” and The Wine Museum.

Known as “the night of the wine”, one of its most noteworthy celebrations takes place in August in Cómpeta, in which town folk and visitors alike exchange amongst themselves the most delicious products of its gastronomy, like “las migas”, the fennel stew and fried calabash, apart from the already mention semi- sweet wine.