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Nestled in the heart of La Axarquia, Competa, a quaint town of 3,000 inhabitants, stands as an unmissable reference point on the “Raisin and Wine Route”. Its winding and steep town centre invites a leisurely stroll to uncover its hidden charms. Competa is renowned for its vineyards, which enjoy well-deserved fame. So much so that several of the town’s existing wineries dedicate themselves to the production of a variety of local sweet and dry wine brands, giving rise to the acclaimed Competa Wine. The second most recognised product beyond its borders is the raisin, crafted in an artisanal manner and which finds in this place the ideal climatic conditions of air and sun.

History of Competa

The name ‘Competa’ is derived from the Latin ‘Compita-orum’, which translates to ‘crossroads’ or ‘meeting place’. This name harks back to the times when Romans held their ‘compitalia’ festivities in honour of the gods of the way, at such crossroads.

In ancient times, Competa served as a vital meeting point for travellers and traders. The Romans, renowned for their extensive road network, considered these crossroads as sacred places and often marked them with altars or milestones. Here, at these crossroads, they celebrated the compitalia festivities, which were popular festivals in honour of the gods of the way.

Today, Competa continues to be a meeting place, but now for visitors drawn to its rich history and cultural heritage. The town is home to several notable monuments that bear testament to its storied past. These include the beautiful ‘Parish Church of Our Lady of the Assumption’, a stunning example of Spanish religious architecture, and the ‘Roman Bridge’, a relic from the time when Romans traversed these lands. Visiting these monuments provides a glimpse into the town’s historical journey and adds to the charm of exploring Competa.

Tourist Attractions in Competa

Competa, an enchanting town nestled in the heart of La Axarquia, is a treasure trove of tourist attractions that make it a must-visit destination:

  • Plaza Almijara: The bustling Plaza Almijara forms the heart of Competa. It’s the perfect spot to relax, enjoy a cup of tea, and immerse oneself in the local culture.View on Map
  • Iglesia de La Asuncion: A church whose stunning architecture and rich history make it a key landmark in Competa.View on Map
  • Mirador Panoramico: The Mirador Panoramico offers breathtaking views of the town and its surrounding landscape. From here, one can appreciate the unique layout of the town.View on Map
  • Galeria Centro de Bellas Artes: The Galeria Centro de Bellas Artes, housed in a beautifully restored old village house, welcomes all artists and art lovers.View on Map
  • Competa Saturday Markets: A visit to the local Saturday market is a great way to experience the town’s vibrant culture and pick up some local produce.View on Map
  • Casas Colgantes: The unique architectural feature of the town, the hanging houses of Competa, are a sight to behold.View on Map
  • Museo de Artes y Costumbres: The Museo de Artes y Costumbres offers a glimpse into the local arts and customs.View on Map
  • Plaza de Vendimia: The Plaza de Vendimia is another key square in the town, adding to its charm.View on Map

Fairs and Festivals

  • Competa Fair: Celebrated in July, this fair honors San Sebastián, the patron saint, with religious and festive activities.
  • Wine Night: On August 15th, it’s a special day for the local wine, particularly moscatel, with traditional music and dance.
  • San Sebastian Pilgrimage and festivities: On January 20th, a local pilgrimage and festival.
  • Easter: Holy Week is observed with solemn processions and liturgical acts reflecting deep religious devotion.
  • Cross Day: On May 3rd, the Day of the Cross is celebrated with decorated crosses and altars throughout the town.
  • St. John’s Night: On June 24th, this festival welcomes summer with bonfires and traditional rituals.


Competa’s cuisine is a celebration of the region’s bountiful produce and time-honoured recipes.

  • Migas: A hearty dish made from breadcrumbs, typically fried with garlic, olive oil, and accompanied by local pork products.
  • Potaje de Hinojos: A comforting stew made with fennel, a common ingredient in the area.
  • Lomo al Ajillo: Pork loin cooked with garlic, showcasing the simplicity and depth of Spanish cooking.
  • Asadura a lo Pastoril: A traditional shepherd’s dish made with offal, reflecting the agricultural roots of Competa.
  • Choto: Kid goat, often prepared in stews or grilled, highlighting the quality of local meats.
  • Calabaza Frita: Fried pumpkin, a testament to the variety of vegetables that thrive in the Mediterranean climate.
  • Tortilla de Semana Santa: A special omelette made during Holy Week, incorporating seasonal ingredients.
  • Potajes de Vigilia: Lenten stews made with chickpeas, potatoes, cod, and vegetables, embodying the spirit of the season.

In addition to these dishes, Competa is also known for its exquisite olive oil, honey, and raisins, which are staples in many local recipes. The village’s participation in the ‘Ruta del Sol y del Vino’ highlights its role in the region’s wine culture, with local vineyards producing exceptional wines that perfectly complement the local gastronomy.