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Almargen is situated to the northwest of the province, 96.4 km from the provincial capital and 43.7 km from Ronda and 48.2 km from Antequera. It is one of the most western towns in the north of the province and borders the provinces of Seville and Cádiz.

If you’re considering car hire at Malaga airport upon arrival, it’s a good idea to explore this charming town and its surroundings. Almargen is part of the Guadalteba region, along with the municipalities of Ardales, Campillos, Cañete la Real, Carratraca, Cuevas del Becerro, Sierra de Yeguas and Teba.

History of Almargen

The name Almargen is of Arabic origin and its meaning is closely related to a camping or army area, where troops were reorganized from Muslim rule and during the Christian Reconquest; this is evident from the chronicles of the battles of the Marquis of Cádiz. Little historical data from this period is available, although archaeological remains have been found in sites such as the silos of “El Almirón”, where chronological continuations exist well into the 16th century.

Regarding the origins of Almargen, findings and studies carried out in archaeological sites confirm the existence of man in these lands at least since the Copper Age.

This brief history of Almargen provides an interesting glimpse into the town’s past for tourists visiting the area. The town has a rich history that is worth exploring and learning about.


Almargen offers a variety of tourist attractions for visitors who want to explore the town and its surroundings. The Museum of Almargen is a must-see attraction, with unique and interesting pieces that provide a fascinating glimpse into the town’s history and heritage. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, there are several hiking routes in the area that offer stunning natural landscapes and the opportunity to discover springs with medicinal properties. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or nature, Almargen has something to offer for everyone.

Museum of Almargen

The museum of Almargen is small but charming, with unique and interesting pieces. It features a stone stele of a warrior from the ninth century BC and a famous “bisexual” idol from the third millennium BC made of marble, which is attributed with fertility powers. The museum offers a journey through prehistory, with well-preserved pieces from the Neolithic and Tartessos periods. Visitors have praised the knowledgeable staff and their excellent explanations of the exhibits. The museum is also home to the famous fertility idol, which has attracted many visitors seeking its powers.


Church of the Immaculate Conception

The Church of the Immaculate Conception in Almargen was built in the 16th century and renovated at the end of the 17th century. The main facade features a beautiful Mannerist portal crowned by a Baroque belfry. Inside, the primitive Mudejar coffered ceilings that cover the central nave and presbytery are particularly noteworthy. The church also houses valuable Gothic panels that have been recently restored.


Birthplace of the Salado River

The birthplace of the Salado River is located in Almargen, a town whose main livelihood is agriculture. The town is situated between the Sierra de Cañete and Sierra Zorrito, on the line that separates the Atlantic and Mediterranean watersheds.

In this area, you can take two routes: the Río Salado route and the Riofrio route. The first is longer and more difficult than the second, but it is worth doing. Along the way, you will find fantastic corners created by Mother Nature that are worth stopping and enjoying. Among its several springs, there is one whose waters have medicinal properties due to their high iodine content. This spring is located at the birthplace of the Salado River.

The birthplace, a pond about three meters in diameter and one meter deep, is located in a kind of canyon created by the action of water and is surrounded by trees repopulated in the last 30 years. During Roman domination, these medicinal waters were already used, as evidenced by the remains of ancient baths found in the area.



The products harvested in the region determine the gastronomy of Almargen. The town showcases the flavors and ingredients of the area through its delicious local dishes.  Some examples of local dishes include sopa de espárragos (asparagus soup), guiso de tagarninas (thistle stew), porra (a thicker version of gazpacho), and setas (mushrooms). The town has a reputation for its delicious cured meats and sausages, which come from local pig slaughters.  Additionally, homemade wine is also a popular product in Almargen.  Some examples of local dishes include:

  • Sopa de espárragos (asparagus soup)
  • Guiso de tagarninas (thistle stew)
  • Porra (a thicker version of gazpacho)
  • Setas (mushrooms)
  • Cured meats and sausages
  • Homemade wine

These dishes provide a taste of Almargen’s rich culinary heritage and are a must-try for visitors to the area.

Fairs and events in Almargen

Almargen is a town with a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant community. Throughout the year, the town hosts a variety of events and activities, including fairs, festivals, concerts, and more. One of the main events in Almargen is the Fair, which takes place on the first weekend of August.

This event brings the town together to celebrate with music, food, and festivities. It provides a great opportunity for visitors to experience the local culture and traditions of Almargen.

  • Patron Saint’s Festival “San Cosme y San Damián”: September 26th and 27th, or the closest weekend to these dates.
  • Pilgrimage in Honor of the Virgin of Fatima: Last Sunday of May.
  • Fair: First week of August.
  • Holy Week: Celebrated with processions organized by the Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of Vera-Cruz, Our Father Jesus Nazarene and the Virgin of Sorrows.
  • Day of the Tapa: The day before Palm Sunday.

How to get to Almargen from Malaga airport

Almargen is located about 100 kilometers from Málaga airport. There are several options for getting to Almargen from the airport:

  1. By car: If you choose to rent a car at Malaga airport, you can drive to Almargen. The journey takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Take the MA-20 from the airport and then take the A-357 towards Campillos. From Campillos, take the A-384 towards Almargen.
  2. By bus: There is no direct bus service from Malaga airport to Almargen. However, you can take a bus from the airport to Malaga city center and then take another bus from Malaga to Almargen. The journey takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  3. By train: There is no direct train service from Malaga airport to Almargen. However, you can take a train from the airport to Malaga city centre and then take another train from Malaga to Bobadilla. From Bobadilla, you can take a taxi or a bus to Almargen. The journey takes about 3 hours.