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Situated in the area of confluence between the administrative districts of La Serranía de Ronda, La Campiña de Antequera and El Valle del Guadalhorce and with a population of 3.000 inhabitants, Ardales is a white town, perched on the sierra and with an interesting urban centre of medieval appearance which extends to the foot of its castle and its church of La Virgen de los Remedios.

With regards to its origin as an urban settlement, there are traces that point to the copper Age. Later on the Romans fortified the town centre building a castle on La Peña de Ardales, around which the town was slowly formed. Due to its interesting border position, it was a town coveted by Arabs and Christians alike since the Ninth Century, until in 1389, the place was conquered by the Christian troops.

The medieval castle, situated on a rocky promontory at an altitude of nearly 500 metres is one of the most interesting historical references. Furthermore, the Mozarabic city of Bobastro, which hails from the Ninth and tenth Centuries, and the Church of nuestra señora de los Remedios , from the Fifteenth Century, make up a valuable heritage, part of which can be equally admitted in the local museums.
Two special days mark its festive calendar: the September Fair and la Fiesta de la Matanza, in February. On both occasions, one will be able to sample, apart from the typical products of the pig-slaughtering season, the splendid confectionery based on almond biscuits and oil pancakes, as well as other traditional dishes like the pastoral goat and the lamb stew.