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Is set deep in the middle of the administrative district of Ronda, very near the peak of Jarastepar. Its population is about 300 inhabitants and the very complicates orography of the place has conditioned the appearance of the town centre, which has had to adapt itself to the strong differences in elevation with steep streets, many of which are sprinkled with steps.

Its origins are not very well defined, although it is believed that there already were settlers in the area before the Arabic domination. Following the Christian conquest, all the isolated and dispersed settlements in the area reunite around the parish church, built in 1505. As the rest of the towns in the Serranía, it was affected by the expulsion of the Moors and the resulting repopulation formed the basis of the roots of the present population.

Worth visiting are the remains of the factory of corrugated iron, the first to be installed in Spain and which had, in the middle of the Eighteenth Century, a work force of 200 workers. Furthermore, the Parish Church of Santa Catalina, built in the Sixteenth Century, is the most exceptional building in the town.

The local holidays and festivities are celebrated between the 24th and 26th of August and are dedicated to “La Virgen del Moclón”. A good time, needless to say, to sample the typical dishes of Júzcar: “migas”, “sopas cocidas”, “conejo al ajillo”…