Villanueva del Trabuco

A town in the administrative district of Antequera, has a population of five thousand inhabitants. It’s main centre is “La Plaza del Prado”; in it is situated the “Fuente de los Tres Caños”, from which flows, even in times of drought, one of the best water in the whole of the province.

Other buildings of interest are its´ Nineteenth Century parish church and the shrines of “San Juan”, “San Isidro”, “San Antonio” and of “La Virgen del Puente”.

The first documentary reference which exists relating to a place called Trabuco dates back to the year 1620 and its refers to an estate of more than 300 fanegas (about 474 bushels) belonging to the municipal district of Archidona. The town centre as such, emerges in the Eighteenth Century, when King Carlos III decides to repopulate certain areas of Andalucía with foreign colonists.

Catholics, Flemish and Germans become the first inhabitants of Trabuco which, a few years later, specifically in May 1808, achieved the final segregation.

The festivities in honour of its´ patron saint, “La Virgen de los Dolores”, takes place during the month of September. Other festivities of interest are “La Candelaria”, on the first night of February, “Carnavales”, the processions of Holy Thursday and Good Friday and, on the occasion of the feast day of San Marcos, “El Sanmarqueo” on the 25th of April. For the fair, one has to wait until June and on the 24th, 25th and 26th of August, takes place what was once classified as the most important “feria del Ganado” of the province, whose origins date back to 1853.

From the town’s wide and varied gastronomic offering, the popular “olla”, “el guisillo de San José”, “el gazpachuelo” and “la porra fría” has to be highlighted. Just as recommendable are its particular “gazpachos”, with paprika (pimentón) and cold garlic and almond soup (ajoblanco) and “las papanduas”.