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Is situated on the southern slope of “La Sierra del Oreganal”, north of “El Valle del Genal”. Its population is of some 250 inhabitants and its natural environment offers a strong contrast between the grey hillocks, on which the vegetation layer is very scarce and the hills full of pine, chestnut, holm oak and olive trees. For nature enthusiasts, the routes on foot or on bicycle are very recommendable.

The Muslim heritage is reflected on the winding layout of its streets. It is worth visiting the Valdecilla holm oak tree, situated to the east of the town centre and with a diameter of over three metres and a height of twenty metres.

The most significant festivities of Parauta are celebrated during August and are dedicated to “La Virgen del Rosario”, the town´s Patron Saint.

Its gastronomy is similar to that of the surrounding towns. Amongst its specialities, one can highlight “la olla”, the cold vegetable soup and the tomato soups. All the natural ingredients come from the crop fields which lei within its municipal district.