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Emergency Numbers

Emergency Phone Numbers

It is always important to know the emergency phone numbers in Malaga if you are planning a visit to our province.

Emergency phone numbers in Spain

Take a second to write down on a paper the main emergency numbers in Spain and Malaga, you never know when you will need them. The numbers below are valid for all the territory:

  • Ambulance Service (061)
  • Fire Brigade (080)
  • General Emergency Number (112)
  • Civil Guard (062)
  • Local Police (092)
  • National Police (091)
  • Sea Rescue (900 202 202)

In case you are looking for local numbers or how to report a crime to the police in Spain, continue reading.

Local police numbers

  • Torremolinos: 952 37 60 00
  • Benalmadena: 952 56 21 42
  • Mijas: 952 46 08 08
  • Fuengirola: 952 66 52 61
  • Marbella: 952 77 58 43
  • Estepona: 952 80 80 40
  • Antequera: 952 70 81 04
  • Rincon de la Victoria: 951 21 22 23
  • Velez Malaga: 952 54 92 38
  • Torrox: 952 53 98 28
  • Nerja: 952 52 15 45

How to report a crime to the police

If you want to report a crime to the police you can do in several ways:

  • In person at the police station
  • Online, although it must be signed at a police station within 72 hours.
  • By a special telephone number for foreigners on 902 102 112.

You can also report a crime to the Civil Guard (Guardia Civil).

If don’t speak Spanish and need to report a crime it is possible to make the report in English or in French over the phone by calling 902 102 112 (please note that this number is available Monday to Sunday 09:00 till 21:00h), after making you your report you will be asked to sign it at a police station.

Resources for reporting

In case you need to find a police station near your location or where to report a crime online:

Report noisy neighbours

There is nothing more annoying than having a noisy neighbour when you are relaxing in your own home. If you are on holiday and you think your neighbour is making too much noise you can call the local police.

reporting noisy neighbours

The police will come to the neighbour’s house and ask them to comply with the regulations, in the case of a repeat offence , they may even impose a fine.

Number for reporting: You can use the 112 for reporting a noisy neighbour; the phone call is recorded.

Report a stolen or lost credit card

report lost credit cards

It is important to cancel your credit card when lost or stolen; you can use the international phone number they provide or use any of the numbers below:

  • Visa: 913 626 200
  • American Express: 900 994 426
  • 4B: 913 626 200