Best shopping centres in Malaga with opening times – Open on Sunday?

We are going to know the best shopping centres in Malaga, with their opening hours and if they are open on Sundays.  If you come to Malaga and you need to buy anything or just spend a leisure afternoon, visiting one of its shopping centres is definitely a good option.

In general, shopping centres in Malaga offer visitors not only shops, but also a range of leisure activities, from cinemas to children’s playgrounds. Depending on what you need, you may be more interested in one or the other. We are going to show you the main features of each one so you can choose with full knowledge; all of them have ample parking, so it won’t be a problem to go by car even during the weekend.

At the bottom of this article you will find if your favourite shopping centre in Malaga is open the next Sunday or festive day. Which one is your favourite?

Corte Ingles

Although the Costa del Sol has several Corte Inglés shops, the oldest is located in the centre of Malaga. Here you will find everything from fashion, jewellery and luxury goods to toys, a supermarket and a restaurant on the terrace.

Corte Ingles mall in Malaga

El Corte Inglés de Málaga is divided into 2 buildings which are accessible both from the outside and from the inside by means of an underground passage.

It is a shopping centre for shopping or browsing, as it does not have the leisure facilities that other shopping centres offer.

Corte Ingles mall in other areas

Malaga Plaza

Malaga Plaza Mall

Very close to the Corte Inglés is this shopping centre where you will find a FNac Store and many other shops. It is an ideal shopping centre for walking around, shopping, buying electronics or where eating.

Larios Shopping centre

Larios shopping centre

Very close to the María Zambrano train station and the bus station is the Larios Centro shopping centre.  You will find fashion shops, perfumery, restaurants, cinema and supermarkets among its leisure and shopping offer.

In the vicinity of this shopping centre you can find playgrounds for children.

Malaga Nostrum

Malaga Nostrum shopping centre

This shopping park is located at the exit of Malaga and offers a wide selection of fashion, household goods, pet shops and leisure.

There are also restaurants and leisure facilities, with bouncy boards, a cinema and a bowling alley.

You can also find everything for the home at BAUHAUS.

Decathlon Guadalmar

Decathlon Malaga

Everything you need to practice sport at a good price. You can find everything from t-shirts and fleece coats to swimming clothes, diving equipment, tennis, golf, table tennis and anything else you might need.

There is ample parking, so you won’t have any problems parking even at the weekend.

Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin

Articles for the home and for reforms. From electricity to bathrooms, from flooring to paint, carpets and lighting. Leroy Merlin also offers a home installation service and has a large car park in front of the shopping centre.

Leroy Merlin in other areas

Blue Bay Commercial Park

Blue Bay Shopping centre

In this large shopping park you can find shops such as Ikea, Worten, Conforama, Maxcolchon, SCHMIDT, Maisons du Monde and a McDonald’s among others.

At Ikea you will find a wide selection of furniture and homewares; although it does not offer its own home delivery service, you can order it from outside the store.

Plaza Mayor

Very close to Malaga airport is the Plaza Mayor shopping centre. Ample parking and a large selection of shops and leisure facilities, all in an open-air Andalusian architectural style.

Plaza Mayor Shopping centre

The shopping centre offers Yelmo Cinemplex cinemas, restaurants, fashion, telephone and household goods shops. It also has a supermarket and children’s playgrounds for the little ones to enjoy.

The shopping centre has its own train stop, in case you prefer using the train.

Miramar Shopping Centre in Fuengirola

Miramar Fuengirols

One of the most popular Shopping Centres in Malaga among La Cañada in Marbella. There is a wide offer in shops and restaurants, including a Burguer King and a KFC, as well as a cinema for watching movies in English with subtitles.

Shopping centre La Cañada Marbella

La Cañada shopping centre in Marbella

In Cañada Marbella you will find all kinds of shops, including an Ikea section for the home. Among its fashion offer we find Quicksilver and Zara shops; it also has a Fnac and an Apple Store.

If what you want is to enjoy a good movie, in this shopping centre there are cinemas that offer films in their original language with subtitles.

There is a big parking space in front of this mall, so you will have no problems parking when visiting it.

Open on Sunday or festive day?

One of the best ways to enjoy a holiday or a Sunday is to visit one of the many open malls in Malaga. You can find everything you need, from fashion and accessories to electronics and entertainment. And you don’t have to worry about transportation, because you can easily rent a car and drive to your favorite mall. Whether you want to shop, dine, watch a movie or have fun with your family and friends, you will have a great time at the malls in Malaga.

The following Sundays and holidays in 2023 are the days when most of the malls in Malaga will be open:

  • January: Monday 2, Sunday 8.
  • April: Sunday 2, Thursday 6, Friday 7, Sunday 9, Sunday 30.
  • June: Sunday 4, Sunday 11, Sunday 18, Sunday 25.
  • July: Sunday 2, Sunday 9, Sunday 16, Sunday 23, Sunday 30.
  • August: Sunday 6, Sunday 13, Tuesday 15, Sunday 20, Sunday 27.
  • September: Sunday 3, Sunday 10, Sunday 17, Sunday 24.
  • October: Thursday 12.
  • November: Wednesday 1, Sunday 26.
  • December: Sunday 3, Friday 8, Sunday 10, Sunday 17, Sunday 24, Sunday 31.


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