Puerto Banus, pure luxury in Marbella

Puerto Banus bears the name of its founder, businessman Jose Banus who four decades ago decided to endow the beautiful city of Marbella with a touch of glamour and distinction, an exclusive marina dotted with luxury hotels, expensive restaurants and fine shopping. Since then until today, the elite tourism from all over the world comes every year to their summer appointment with Marbella.


About Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus is a small metropolitan area for itself. The small harbour promenade is lined with elegant boutiques, perfume shops, cafes and restaurants. In a second street running parallel to the promenade, you will find discos, pubs and more exclusive shops.

In the summer months it is full to overflowing; busloads of tourists are carted to the marina and try to photograph one of the celebrities with their cameras. Some of the VIPs and super-rich can possibly be spotted at night in any of the glamorous discos. Thus remains for many tourists just a photo next to one of luxury cars, Ferrari, Rolls Royce or luxury yachts to be found anywhere in the area.

From October to April of Puerto Banus still exudes its original charm. During these months you can stroll comfortably along the promenade and admire the displays the boutiques. Anyone with a little extra cash to spend can also get hold of one or the other chic piece. The prices of the restaurants are also more likely to moderate during the winter months. So you can eat in a restaurant overlooking the sea or sample some tapas of the region and enjoy the beautiful weather on the Costa del Sol.

Visiting Puerto Banus

To get an idea of ​​the kind of visitors who frequent Puerto Banus just take a walk along the marina; there you will find glamorous yachts, dream cars, pleasure boats and floating palaces might make gasping the more modest tourists. The port facilities are up to the level of the guests and there are plans to multiply the mooring points. Outside the port itself, Puerto Banus is a small town, which besides being a place of leisure and resort offers the services and equipment of a normal village.

Arab sheiks, showbiz personalities, movie and television stars, business people… This is the usual list of Puerto Banus, which converts this place into one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the Mediterranean. These privileged enjoy the sea, the best hotels and restaurants as well as great golf courses that dot the Costa del Sol. They also have very close Malaga airport to get to the Costa del Sol from anywhere in the world to spend their vacations at sea, enjoying the sun and the famous Nightlife in Marbella.

Ferrari Puerto Banus
Spoting a Ferrari or Lamborguini is quite common in Puerto Banus. There you see even more exclusive cars.

We know that not everyone is able to afford the top luxury restaurants and shops; this does not mean it is not worthwhile to take a stroll around the place. Go and have a drink, capture the atmosphere with your senses and take a few photos of those exotic cars and yatches..

How to get and where to park

Puerto Banus can be reached most easily from the A-7 motorway, which runs through the municipality. If you follow the directions from the A-7, you reach Puerto Banus at its northern end. Puerto Banus itself is closed to traffic; only the owners of yachts and owners of restaurants and shops can drive in the harbour.

Our advice is to park in one of the private parkings; although even here it might be hard to find a parking space in summer.

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