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Sierra de Las Nieves Map

The Sierra de las Nieves is a natural paradise located in the central part of the province of Malaga, forming part of the mountainous belt that borders the nearby western Costa del Sol. With our Sierra de las Nieves map, you can explore this unique enclave in Andalusia known for its peculiar geology and exceptional botanical richness. The beauty of its karstic landscapes, the singularity of its peridotite outcrops, and the presence of the Abies pinsapo, a fir tree that also grows in the Andalusian protected areas of Sierra de Grazalema, Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja, Sierra Blanca and Sierras Bermeja and Real, stand out. Together they constitute the only world populations of this species, which is closely related to the firs existing in northern Morocco.


The towns of Sierra de las Nieves are part of the Sierra de las Nieves Commonwealth of Municipalities and are characterized by their charming white houses and steep streets that twist and turn until they end in one of their small squares. These towns are located relatively close to Ronda, so you can take advantage of a getaway to this city in Málaga to discover some of them.

The towns that belong to the Sierra de las Nieves are:


The Sierra de las Nieves is a true paradise of contrasts, as evidenced by the existence of the deepest chasm in Andalusia -GESM- or that its peaks reach up to 2,000 meters in height -La Torrecilla-. The Sierra de las Nieves Biosphere Reserve and National Park is a true natural paradise just a step away from the Costa del Sol, a few kilometers from Marbella and very close to cities such as Malaga and Ronda.

  • Ojen Caves (Map)
  • Fuente y Lavaderos de La Jaula, Monda (Map)
  • Acequia del Molino, El Burgo (Map)
  • Paseo del Balneario, Tolox (Map)
  • Centro Cultural Al-Andalus, Guaro (Map)
  • La Torre Vigía, Yunquera (Map)
  • Arco de Felipe V, Ronda (Map)
  • Mirador Natural del Tajo Banderas, Istán (Map)
  • Restos del Castillo Árabe, Casarabonela (Map)
  • Castillo de María Sagredo, Alozaina (Map)
  • Parque Torre Leonera, Benahavís (Map)
  • Arco de la Calle El Altillo, Parauta (Map)
  • Nacimiento del Genal, Igualeja (Map)
  • Iglesia de Ntra. Sra. del Rosario, Serrato (Map)
  • Jorox waterfall (Map)


From towering peaks reaching nearly 2,000 meters in height to the deepest chasm in Andalusia which plunges to a depth of 1,101 meters, this park is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

The park’s terrain is a prime example of karstic modeling and hides one of the most complex networks of caves and galleries in Andalusia. Its botanical richness is also noteworthy, with up to 1,500 different plant species. The Spanish fir, a Mediterranean fir tree that is a relic of the Iberian Peninsula’s glacial period, takes center stage. As you descend, you’ll also find holm oaks, cork oaks, carob trees, and chestnut trees.

The animal emblem of this protected area is the Spanish ibex, but it’s also home to a multitude of bird species such as the golden eagle, Bonelli’s eagle, eagle owl, goshawk, and sparrowhawk. In its rivers, other species of interest such as roe deer and otters can be found.

In addition to its natural beauty, the park is surrounded by white villages that have retained their identity with rich historical heritage and traditional cuisine. Discover this paradise through numerous routes on foot, horseback or bicycle and experience the stunning nature of Sierra de las Nieves.

  • Pinsapo
  • High mountain oak
  • Fat tobacco
  • Bats
  • Dragonflies
  • Mountain goat
  • Enebros
  • Sabinas rastreras
  • Piorno azul
  • Cerezo rastrero


If you’re a nature lover and enjoy hiking, Sierra de las Nieves is the perfect destination for you. This land of contrasts offers a unique and stimulating experience for those who want to explore something new. With a rental car from Malaga, you’ll have the freedom to discover the natural beauty of this region at your own pace.

Sierra de las Nieves is home to an extensive network of marked trails that allow you to delve into its depths and discover places and landscapes of unique beauty. These trails offer a wide variety of ecosystems where you can enjoy the flora, fauna, and landscape of this World Biosphere Reserve, one of the most valuable natural areas in Andalusia.

As you hike through Sierra de las Nieves, you’ll experience the changing seasons through variations in colors, smells, and sounds. These nuances make each walk unique. The routes will also take you to white villages with rich cultural and gastronomic heritage.

The best hiking routes in Sierra de las Nieves offer close contact with the great outdoors where your journey becomes a true walk through history. So pack your hiking boots and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Sierra de las Nieves! Below are some recommended routes:

  • Sendero GR-243 Yunquera-Tolox
  • Benahavís – Acequia de Las Angosturas (Map)
  • Puerto Saucillo – Puerto Bellina (Map)
  • Sendero PR-A278 Juanar – El Pozuelo
  • Sendero PN El Burgo – La Fuensanta (Map)
  • Quejigal de Tolox (Map)
  • Puerto de la Espartera (Map)

Map of Sierra de las Nieves and how to get

If you decide to rent a car with and are planning to visit Sierra de las Nieves, you’ll be happy to know that there are several main access points to the park. From Malaga, you can take the A-357 and then the A-354 to reach Casarabonela and Alozaina. Alternatively, you can take the A-355 towards Coín and then reach Monda and Ojén or Tolox and Alozaina via the A-366.

If you’re coming from Marbella, you can take the A-355 to reach Ojén and then connect with the other villages. Another option is to take the A-7176 to reach Istán.

If you’re coming from Ronda, you can take the A-366 towards El Burgo and Yunquera or the A-397 towards Parauta and Igualeja.

In addition, if you’re flying into Malaga Airport and the María Zambrano AVE station are only 40 minutes away from two of the main entry points to Sierra de las Nieves: Monda and Casarabonela.

Whichever route you choose, your journey to Sierra de las Nieves will be filled with stunning natural landscapes and unique topography. With a rental car from us, you’ll have the freedom to explore this beautiful region at your own pace.