How to find cheap flights to Malaga without hidden charges

The coast of Malaga province not only is blessed with beautiful weather, stunning beaches and great cultural history, but is also just a short flight of two and a half hours from the UK, making it a convenient and cheap holiday destination. We can guess that if you are planning a visit, you might want to find a cheap flight to Malaga; we will review some facts and provide tips for getting the best airfare price without hidden charges.

Malaga Airport is the gateway to the Costa del Sol, with beautiful resorts in Marbella, Torremolinos and Benalmadena. In this age of consumer choice, there are more companies competing to sell flights to Malaga than you could possibly imagine. This competition and the popularity of the destination help  to lower the price, benefiting those with smaller wallets to plan a holiday with sun and good weather.

Finding the cheapest airfare

Obtaining cheap flights to Malaga is one of the keys to a successful holiday; this even gives you the possibility of planning several weekend-getaways for hardly any money. It is important not to overpay, but neither should we be guided by the advertising of the different airlines, which may omit extra charges for carrying luggage in order to offer the lowest price for a flight.

flight attendant
Avoiding consumption on the plane will also make our journey cheaper.

When to book flights to Malaga

First you will have to decide what time of year you take your vacation, as this will influence when and where to shop for flights to Malaga. During the summer school holidays the Costa del Sol has the highest demand; so if you can avoid this month to take a vacation, you will get a much cheaper fare price.

The months of May, June, September and October are golden months on the Costa del Sol, the temperature is very good but the place is not overcrowded and the prices for flights, hotels and car rentals in Malaga are significantly lower. If you travel with your family during the high season, please book your flights as soon as possible.

when to book the flight
When to book for getting the cheapest flight?

If you can plan your flights on weekdays, all the better, as prices increase substantially during the weekends. Flights very early or very late have very low rates. You can also save a small fortune when restricting your luggage to a small bag.

About checked baggage

Not having extra luggage at the airport will save you exorbitant billing. Some of the so-called low cost airlines with apparently cheap flight could become quite expensive.

Some passengers complain about having to pay extra even for hand luggage, so better check the terms and conditions of those low cost flights you just found.

Is there any cheaper day?

Although some blogs claim to have found the magic day on which to buy a cheaper airline ticket, this might not be true. The best solution is to book early, but not too late and not too early. Flights usually reach their lowest price one or two months before the flight, although this is not an exact science as it will depend on demand.

We can advise you not to leave booking to the last minute, as prices can go up considerably.

Booking online with agent or airline

We recommend booking with airline directly, as in case of problems the agent use to be helpless. You can use services like Google Flights to check the lowest price at your desired date; try different dates if you have flexibility and choose the one with the cheapest fare.

Connecting or direct flights

Long distance flights use to be cheaper when booking connecting flights; this not always apply for flights from Europe or UK. Connecting flights could be cheaper in low season, but in medium and high season competivity between airlines is high enough to lower the price.

Our recommendation for finding cheap flights to Malaga

We can resume everything on not taking the first low price you find without reading the terms and conditions first. We also recommend booking directly with the airline and avoiding resellers; as you would do when booking a car hire in Malaga.

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